Dr. Cole and His Team Are AMAZING!!!!!!!! 5+ STARS

I can't speak enough praises for Dr. Cole and his staff! I am three weeks post-op and my experience has been stellar. I originally planned to have a BBL done in Beverly Hills because I wanted to be closer to home in California in case of any issues or to travel to and from check-ups. I'd had consults with a couple of doctors in Beverly Hills and even though I knew I'd forfeit my deposits I wasn't completely happy with putting my life in either of their hands. I'd heard of Dr. Cole years back from a makeup YouTuber I followed who had gone to him for a BBL years ago. Her body looked, and still looks, AMAZING and they were my true #bodygoals. I kept debating with myself whether I wanted to travel so far for this surgery but the pros outweighed the cons. The pros were that I LOVED Dr. Cole's work, I loved how personable and down to earth he was in his IG videos, and his IG videos were clear and informative. The only con was the distance from California to Atlanta. I decided to schedule a consultation and make my decision from there. I spoke with Clay and he was amazing! He was thorough and patient which was the complete opposite of what I'd experienced from the Beverly Hills staff. My consultation was virtual and Dr. Cole was exactly what I'd hoped he'd be: professional, personable and patient. He answered all of my questions and I felt very comfortable moving forward with him. I paid my deposit and secured my date. I booked a room at the Hyatt Norcross nearby for two weeks to allow myself time to recover nearby comfortably. I flew in the day before surgery and went in to meet the staff in person and Clay and Antwanette were so warm and inviting. I had my bloodwork done and received my prescriptions to have filled at the nearby Publix. My husband and I went shopping to gather food and supplies to be comfortable in my room for the next two weeks. I arrived the next morning for surgery day and Antwanette got me situated and took pictures before administering the day of meds. She is AMAZING!!!! A kind, patient and knowledgeable compliment to Dr. Cole. They work very well together and help your nerves to subside by making you feel very comfortable. Dr. Cole marked me up and the last thing I remember is Dr. Cole injecting meds into my thighs and then my next memory is my husband waking me to feed me soup in the hotel later that day. Dr. Cole called to check on me later that day which I thought was absolutely amazing. I went in for my 1-week post-op check-in which went very well as did the healing treatment thereafter. I loved my results! It went so well Dr. Cole told me I could fly home rather than wait another week. I was so excited to go home to recover in my own home that I quickly rescheduled my flight and hotel reservation. I flew home the next day and had no issues with the travel. I didn't require a wheelchair and was excited to get some walking in. I was seated first class but informed the flight attendants I needed to stand quite a bit being post-op and they were very gracious and accommodating. I had a couple of questions about the timeline for using the boppy pillow, swelling, etc. and each time I emailed Antwanette or called Clay they were very responsive and would loop Dr. Cole in as needed to assure me of any concern. I had a virtual 3-week check-in with Antwanette and Dr. Cole today and it went very well. They truly have exceeded all of my expectations and if I were to do it all over again it would be with them. I recommend Dr. Cole and his team wholeheartedly without question as my experience has been outstanding and I absolutely love my results.