Dr. Louis Cole became not only my doctor but also part of my family.The entire staff was great. From the time your in to the time your done they are with you making feel like home. I am seeing my results and i am loving it. Thank you Doc.

meskerem addisGoogle+

WOW........... is the only word that comes to mind! It's been about two months since the procedure and I look like a different person. I suppose that is what everyone is to say but the overall experience surpassed anything I expected. The staff is.... Phenomenal...... I love them all (well not the doctor isn't as good looking as the ladies) They take excellent care of me every time I come in, helping me with tips and where to find all the after patient items I am looking for. This was my second procedure over a 10 year period and I can say this was far and beyond a better experience. I could go on and on but no need..........they are simply the best!

Cory MackGoogle+

Excellent experience with Dr. Cole and staff. Very pleased with the treatment plan.

Richard BonnGoogle+

I got Brazilian Butt lift treatment from Dr. Cole and i am pretty much happy with the results. It is 5 weeks now post surgey and the results are visible. Dr. Cole and his staff's support was really exceptional. Even Dr. Cole called personally to check the condition post surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Cole and his team of competent, friendly professionals.

Smily ForeverGoogle+

Pretty impressed with this clinic, starting with doctor's bedside manner and precision. I went to other consults before coming here and my 2 main concerns were finding a real cosmetic surgeon (not a dermatologist or OBGYN who just take some training course) and the other was a doctor doing 3+ cases per day since most reviews complained about not having enough fat removed from them cause doc rushed. I was really impressed that he & nurse took their time at my pre exam and answered all my questions and he took notes over every area. I also liked that they do full bloodwork labs for safety (all 3 other places I went to didn't). Morning of, he went over in detail what we had talked about and really concentrated on trouble spots. He even called me that night from his cell to check on me. Their "healing tips" sheet was spot on! From the itching (which they give you some anti-itch shower gel & lotion) to the swelling (they give you some anti-swelling meds) to the hard spots (and they even give you some treatment to help w/it), I knew exactly what to expect and how to address it. Staff is awesome, super knowledgeable and very friendly. I even saw a Falcons player there at my followup a wk later. I figured, if even celebs & athletes go to him, then I definitely made the right choice.

Chase HodgesGoogle+

Trust Dr. Louis Cole to know how you will look your best and you will not be disappointed. I have used Dr. Cole's services over the last few years and I am always delighted with the results, not to mention I look ten years younger each time I go! Dr. Cole has the years of experience it takes to get beautiful results and offers great specials, too.

Brooks FoxworthGoogle+

Sometimes exercise and eating right are just NOT enough! At age 67, that's where I found myself. I was in good shape but noticed a growing number of fine lines and wrinkles on my face and neck. I started looking for non-invasive ways to address these issues and discovered Dr. Louis Cole. From the time of my first visit to his office, I found Dr. Cole, his assistants and office staff to be interested in my individual needs without pushing unnecessary treatments. Dr. Cole worked with me to identify procedures that were targeted to my personal needs and performed the treatments that ensured I received the desired results. If you're thinking about making improvements to your face and/or overall body structure, I strongly recommend that you do your research...then contact Dr. Cole.

Dee BrownGoogle+

After having three C-Sections, I was very unhappy with the mid-section area of my body. I researched several local surgeons and was given consistent information that this part of my body would not be improved with diet and exercise. I contacted Dr. Cole?s office on a last minute whim to inquire about their SmartLipo procedure and was able to make a consultation appointment immediately. The office staff was very personable and cordial when I arrived. Vanessa was very informative about the procedure and expected results. We discussed having the procedure done on my upper/lower abs and bra line. I was so comfortable with the professionalism of the staff and doctor that I made the appointment that same day to have the procedure done the following week. About two weeks after having the procedure done, I was really pleased with the results. I could see a noticeable difference overall, especially my bra line. I saw how passionate Dr. Cole was about his work when I went for my post-surgery appointments. We both were all smiles! I have regained my confidence and esteem and I am re-embracing my body. I was mostly impressed with the fact the Dr. Cole?s office is staffed small, making my experience unique to me. They were very attentive to me throughout the entire ordeal. I have absolutely no regrets. I strongly recommended Dr. Cole AND his staff for this procedure!

Jennifer LytleGoogle+

I had liposuction with fat transfer to the breasts. My experience was a 10/10. Dr Cole and his girls at the Clinic are exceptional! Every step of the procedure and recovery were explained to me in detail. My results are better than I could have imagined. Thank you!

Angela ElkeGoogle+

I had a smart lipo done by Dr. Cole Dec. 2014. 1st off his staff are beyond polite and caring. During my initial visit, his specialist was who I spoke with. She was super nice and she gave me all the info I needed to know and answered every question truthfully, from my personal experience. The office is very nice and very clean. The equipment is all up -to- date. My next visit I was nervous of course but they did everything they could to make sure I was comfortable. I was weighed and given meds. The procedure was a little more painful than I expected although I didn't feel this the entire time(I was kind of out of it) However the suction around my belly button was a little painful. I had upper, lower, and flanks(side pouches) done. I am still swollen but everyone is different some people see no swelling and look absolutely fabulous afterwards, however some are not. I wasn't aware it could take from 6months to a year to see full results for some, but I learned that from others online who have had similar questions after procedure. I see a significant change in my appearance and so does everyone else. Do I look exactly how I want, NO. Would I do it again, YES. Would I ever go back to Dr. Cole, in a heartbeat. They tell you to expect only 50% of your results. I got that. I still have some stomach there and I am crossing my fingers hoping it's still a part of my healing because you must remember it is surgery. He provides 2 garments to u to assist with proper healing as well as some meds to reduce scarring and swelling. He even gave me his Business cell so I could text him anytime the next couple of nights with any complaints(which I exhausted lol) Also I must add that the recovery time varies from person to person, I still have pain in my lower stomach and flanks, and it itches terribly. I would recommend you check Dr. Cole and the staff out, they are really awesome and they really know their craft. They have many service to help all your cosmetic needs! I love Dr. Cole!!!

D KennardGoogle+

I highly recommend Dr. Cole and his team of competent, friendly professionals. From the moment I walked into this office for a consult, I knew I was at the right place. I am completely thrilled with the results of my surgery and with the personalized customer service provided by every person in this practice. They offer the latest in cosmetic interventions and provided my solution with the highest level of expertise and personalized care. Thanks to all for a truly remarkable experience!

Anne FrechetteGoogle+

I absolutely love Dr. Cole and his wonderful staff. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly, and Dr. Cole's has the best bedside manner and precision. All I can say is "WOW", I am extremely impressed by the results I see and it has only been a week after my procedure. My procedure was done April 1, 2015. I had smart lipo on my upper and lower abdomen, hips, and arms, and I must say that I am amazed of the results I'm already seeing. I am so happy that I chose Dr. Cole, he takes pride in what he does and he's really focused on what the patient wants. The day of my procedure I was very nervous, but the nurse and Dr. Cole reassured me that everything was going to be fine. Dr.Cole came in and went over everything in detail that we had talked about. After I was done I headed home everything I needed to know was explain to before at my pre-op appointment and if I forgot anything, the instructions were placed in my folder for me to refer back to if I needed. There was no pain at all just soreness I hardly used my pain pills. Dr. Cole even call me that night to check on me from his cell and told me to call him if I had any questions or concerns. That really showed me that he cares about his patients. It's been one week after my procedure and I went back in for my post-op appointment on Wednesday. Its just amazing of what a difference I see just after a week... truly amazing. I can't wait to see my final result after my body heals. I am extremely impressed with the results I see after a week and I so excited to continue my journey to more amazing results after my body heals. I Just want to thanks Dr. Cole and his wonderful staff for everything and excited to continue this journey with them to great results. I love love love this place!!!! You guys are at the top of my list for anyone who is contemplating on getting any work done. Thanks again Dr.Cole you are amazing!!!!

Quantis RashidGoogle+

I absolutely love the staff and Dr. Cole. The moment I walked in and spoke with Vanessa, I knew the other consults I had scheduled would be pointless. I went to them anyway, but wasn't at all convinced on the expertise level of physicians. I reviewed Dr. Cole's work and reviews online. I did my research! I called within a few days to schedule my procedure. I was really nervous during my pre-op but the staff once again showed how much they cared and reassured me that everything would be fine. When it was time for the first procedure (arms), I was comfortable. That meant all the world to me! The second was even better! I am seeing results within 4 weeks and to know there are better results to come.... I am loving it! Thanks to Dr. Cole and his team of beauties! :-)

Quiana FryarGoogle+

Dr. Cole and his staff are wonderful! From my initial consult to my surgery follow-ups, the process has been amazing. Not only do I have great results, but I have a team of professionals who have supported me every step of the way. Dr. Cole and his staff have my highest recommendations!

Allyson TrembleyGoogle+

The staff is amazing and they always make you feel special... the costumer service is absolutely amazing.

Andrea ScottGoogle+

I'm a long time client and love this practice. The clinic coordinator is BEYOND helpful. She even rings me when she sees treatments I like are on special . . . who does that!! As well she works with me by email, rather than insisting we chat by cell during my work day. Dr. Cole is awesome . . . I would say very talented with an eye for natural looking results.

Stephanie SnowGoogle+

I absolutely LOVE Dr. Cole and his AWESOME team of professionals. I had my procedure done in April and was so nervous!!! VERY FEARFUL!!! BUT ...Its the best move I made after having children... My gift to me. I came to the practice with friend of mine who was there on her own appointment. There was an opening for a FREE consultation with Vanessa. During that time I told her my concerns and she was so wonderful explaining the SMART lipo procedure and what to expect. It went so well and she eased all my fears I made my down payment and scheduled my procedure right away. The cost was so within reach. *** Listen ladies its not cheap by no means but... I don't want cheap because this is my life we are talking about and I want the BEST!!! however it was attainable :)*** Reward yourself... love on you and get your FINE back :) The staff is so attentive and always available. Thank you Ashley for making sure my account was managed well. Thank you Antoinette for making the day of surgery so calm and easy...You were a blessing The real deal is the results... Please note as I write this, I am still in the process of healing as I am only 8 weeks post op ...but I could see noticeable true results 3 weeks later. I needed about a 2 weeks for the fluid to subside and the rest of the time is the healing time/recovery. Now, I haven't changed my diet much but I HAVE made some changes. Yes, I cut out mixed drinks (lol), soda, juice, ONLY WATER!!! and limited drive thru once a week maybe (Chickfila) oh and stopped eating after 7pm sometimes 6pm. Low sodium diet helps...Listen to the staff they know what's best. I listened to Ashante(so helpful and supportive post surgery) and started focusing on 1 gallon of water a day ... ohhhweee that was a little difficult. hit or miss but I tried :) and most times conquered. Last but not least my girl Mariana..The right support garment makes life lovely... Its so necessary and will make the day to day movements easier having the right post surgical support garment! After 5 to 6 garments later... ***Thank you Thank you Thank Mariana for making sure I had what I needed to get back in the swing of life and still be GORGEOUS :)**** Dr. Cole I know you used your training/knowledge, skills and gifted hands to help enhance my quality of life and give me back myself confidence making me finer. I thank you so much for being the best in the industry and can already see I will be back for more :) This will be a HOTT(HAUTE) and FUN summer I have already put on a 2 pc. bikini!!!!!! Now I was promised a flat tummy and hope to get there. I'm not yet but I hope to share more in a few weeks. Thanks Dr. Cole!!!! and his amazing team :)

Atiya BlackGoogle+

First I want to start off by saying Dr. Cole is AMAZING!!!! He listens to your needs and wants but he is also honest on what he can do and what will work best for your body. I feel and look GREAT!!! Also I want to give a HUGE shout out to his staff especially Ashley! Thank you for being so thorough and taking the time to go over with me all my paperwork and consents. Last but not least, Mariana... you are an awesome Manager and it shows with your staff. You run a great Clinic!! I recommend Atlanta Liposuction to EVERYONE!!

Lisa SmithGoogle+