Patient Testimonials

I have been a patient of Dr. Lou Cole’s for almost 5 years. He has an eye for beauty that is unmatched in the field. He has been on my spinoff show “Don’t be Tardy for the Wedding” and made several appearances on RHOA. Dr. Cole has kept me looking great!! He has used a few of his procedures on me, Velashape, Ulthera, Foto Facials, peels as well as Botox. Its a one stop shop for all my beauty needs, I ALWAYS trust him to recommend the latest treatments that are effective in keeping me looking my best. As a matter of fact he was the first visit I made when I was getting ready for my wedding. Thanks Dr. Cole for keeping me and several of my friends looking good!


Kim Zolciak Biermann


Dr. Louis Cole’s Reviews:

SmartLipo of the back and flanks

I was so thrilled with the first procedure, I went back for a second and I plan to explore several other options available through Cole Dermatology. I initially came to Dr. Cole so he could fix the box shape I had been left with after a full tummy tuck. He did that and more. I would definitely recommend his services.

-E. Shepherd


I had SmartLipo done to my lower abdomen and outer thighs and just 4 weeks later, the results are very noticeable. My saddlebags especially have decreased tremendously. My pants all fit again! There was a little more soreness than I anticipated but I still recommend this procedure and Dr. Cole and would do it again.


SmartLipo on tummy and back hip area.

I am very pleased with my experience! Dr. Cole and his staff treated me from the start with great care and gentleness. My outcome exceeded my expectations. Dr. Cole definitely under promises. I am as pleased with this procedure as I was my breast implants. I already feel great about my area now and can’t wait to see it in 3 months! Thank you Dr. Cole and Staff!


Upper and lower abdominal reduction including waist leveling (love handles).

Outstanding knowledge and expertise, excellent bedside manner, atop of a first-rate accommodating staff all focused on quality results and safety. If you’re looking for the least intrusive optimal results at a competitive price point, then Dr. Cole is your solution for unwanted fat elimination and sculpting. I lost 5 inches off waist already and swelling continues to subside at day 4. Everyone I know can see a difference and wonders how i did it. I just jump-started typical results from a 6-month workout program with Dr. Cole-now I can get my abs back, thank you!


Dermal Fillers

Today I got fillers for chin augmentation. Fabulous and instant result! No down time, painless and affordable. I just safed thousands of dollars and were I to undergo surgery! Dr. Cole and his staff are very friendly and they do well to detailly answer all questions. highly recommended and I will definitely come back!



I had my Smartlipo done with Dr. Lou Cole and couldn’t be happier with results.

A special thank you to Dr Lou Cole: You are a true sculptor. I feel you worked diligently to achieve the results we both wanted and your skill is extraordinary. I plan to share this experience with all my “really good “girlfriends!!



I have had a great experience with smart lipo at cole dermatology center. I had never had a cosmetic procedure done before, so I was slightly reluctant at first. Now, after having my my midsection significantly reduced, I am delighted with my decision. My clothes fit so much better and I feel so much more confident with my personal appearance. I would recommend the smart lipo procedure to anyone that wants to have a more fit and healthy physique.

-Che Oh


My results were better than I had hoped. I’m now able to wear some of my old jeans that are 3-4 sizes smaller than the ones I wore before getting this procedure done. My belly no longer hangs over the top of my jeans and I no longer look pregnant. Also, shirts that I no longer wore before, because of my belly, I now wear with confidence. Thankyou Dr. Lou



So I never write reviews BUT Dr. Cole and his staff really changed that in me. I was quite skeptical that i would see results I wanted because of the large amount of fat deposit. Dr Cole assured me that he would get as much as possible and he did. I went into the office for my post op visit and saw the before and after pictures of myself and waalah..I was shocked. Everything from my first visit to now was great and as long as you go in with realistic expectations you’ll be ok. He has GREAT bedside manners and talks with you making sure you’re comfortable throughout the entire procedure. I have already been telling people about my wonderful experience. Thanks Dr Cole for giving me back my confidence and boosting my self esteem I look good in my clothes now you’re the best!!!

-S. Crawford


I had smart lipo done with Dr. Cole in Feb. 2012 after having children and trying to loose that little bit of extra fat on my stomach working out and diet didnt touch it but since I had the smart lipo ive gone from a size 9/10 to a 2/4! I cant say enough good things about Dr. Cole and his staff he is a true artist!


Lip augmentation Botox Eyebrow Furow

With homes in Palm Beach County Fl and Huntington Beach, CA, I am aware of many doctors and aestheticians. It is with great personal satisfaction and confidence, my pleasure to recommend the Drs. Cole. It is a combination of both expertise and gracious professionalism of the Drs. And their staff that validates my choice of entrusting my health and beauty goals with them. Thank you!

-R. Regenstein