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BBL Recovery

After your Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, you’ll want to take the proper care steps and recommendations to ensure you get the BBL results you want. At Atlanta Liposuction Specialty Clinic, we’re committed to ensuring your Brazilian Butt Lift procedure and recovery process are easy, safe, and comfortable.

Like any other cosmetic surgery procedure, there are several things patients can do to support the recovery process. We’ve collected our best BBL recovery tips, stuff you should know, and giving you an insider’s look into what to expect after your BBL surgery at Atlanta Liposuction Specialty Clinic.

What You Should Know About Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

A BBL is a type of surgery that involves collecting a patient’s excess fat using liposuction. Our cosmetic surgeons typically collect from the hips, abdomen, lower back, or thighs and transfer it into your derriere for your buttock augmentation. There’s no need for more invasive procedures like silicon or saline implants you would get during a breast augmentation. Using your own fat to create the fullness, shape, and contour you desire is safer, more natural-looking, and helps speed up the recovery period.

We’re answering some of our patient’s most asked questions about BBL recovery and giving you some additional tips and tricks to help make the process more comfortable.

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BBL Recovery

Top 5 Most Common BBL Recovery Questions

How long will BBL results last?

After your Brazilian Butt Lift, your derriere will have the volume and fullness you didn’t have before. Most patients experience long-lasting results from the surgery. To maximize your BBL results, we recommend maintaining a healthy weight. The size of your bottom will change if you gain or lose weight.

Can I sit after a BBL procedure?

Newly injected fat cells won’t have the same blood supply as the rest of your body. After fat grafting, the cells are more susceptible to damage by long periods of pressure. During your first six weeks of the BBL recovery time, it’s a good idea to use a BBL pillow whenever you have to sit and try standing up frequently to stimulate blood circulation.

We know it’s a challenge, but try not to sit directly on your butt for two to six weeks post-surgery. In the bathroom, we suggest that you don’t sit straight on the toilet. Instead, hang on to rails or squat. While it may be inconvenient for a couple of weeks, you’ll achieve the best possible results!

When can I shower or swim safely again?

An important part of recovery is understanding what’s safe and what’s not. Most board-certified plastic surgeons recommend waiting 24-28 hours after any liposuction procedure to shower.

As a general rule of thumb, BBL patients should stay away from hot baths, pools, beaches, and hot tubs until they get the go-ahead from their doctor. At Atlanta Liposuction Specialty Clinic, you’ll leave with complete and clear instructions from the doctor.

How much fat will survive?

Each BBL patient is different. The number of fat cells that will survive depends on your body. Please keep in mind that some fat cells will die and be reabsorbed by the body – that’s completely normal! In most cases, 50 – 80% of transferred fat cells remain after patients recover.

What symptoms should I expect after surgery?

As your body begins to heal, you’ll start to notice symptoms following your Brazilian Butt Lift. Below are common BBL post-op procedure symptoms to expect during the healing process.

Bruising & Swelling – After any liposuction surgery, swelling and bruising are normal; that’s how your body naturally heals. Most patients can manage pain with over-the-counter or prescription pain medication. Bruising and swelling should subside within the first two weeks of recovery.

Inflammation – You may experience inflammation in treatment areas. These are any areas on your body where liposuction was performed. It can take six-eight weeks for general inflammation to improve.

Itching – Itching is a normal part of our body’s healing process. Like most other surgical procedures, superficial nerves are slightly traumatized liposuction. This isn’t anything to be afraid of. When the nerves begin to heal and regenerate, they may start to itch or give you that pins and needles feeling.

Buttock Size Changes – In the first couple of days and even weeks following your Brazilian Butt Lift, your bottom size will fluctuate. As swelling subsides and newly transplanted fat cells enter the body, you can expect size changes.

Fluid Leakage – Tumescent fluids can drain from your liposuction incisions. This is entirely normal and will subside within a few days after your surgery.


Important Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Recovery Tips

Wear Your Compression Garments

Patients should wear compression garments 24/7 following your Brazilian Butt Lift. Compression garments are tight, compressive clothing to support your treatment areas. Compression clothing is also safe for patients with weak blood circulation. Most patients will be instructed to wear compression garments for the first three to six weeks after surgery.

Know When to Avoid Physical Activity

Strenuous activity should be avoided after a BBL. A fat transfer needs adequate time to heal. If you’re an active person, you’re probably anxious to start exercising again. Patients must avoid all high-impact physical activity until they receive the go-ahead from the doctor.

Often, patients are allowed to resume low-intensity physical activities within two to three weeks post-op. Be sure not to put too much pressure on your body.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Ideal candidates for Brazilian Butt Lift procedures will already live a healthy, active lifestyle. Following BBL surgery, it’s important to make wise lifestyle choices. If you’re a junk food-lover, try to make a healthier switch, and eat a well-balanced diet. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help give you the final results you desire. After surgery, your body needs more essential nutrients from fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins.

Massages Help The Healing Process

Massages promote blood flow to specific areas of the body. After a Brazilian Butt Lift, lymphatic massages may help promote healing and improve the skin’s appearance. In most cases, the massages are performed in liposuction areas, NOT on your bottom. Massages can cause pressure on the freshly transplanted fat cells. Massaging new fat cells can disrupt blood supply and cause damages in the treated areas.


How to Achieve The Best BBL Results

To ensure you get the derriere you desire, keep in mind the following DO and DON’TS after BBL surgery.


  • Walk – You need to keep moving. Slow walking and stretching your legs will help decrease the risk of developing blood clots after surgery.
  • Keep Your Compression Garments On – Only take your special compression garment off when you want to shower. Then, put it back on. You also have to sleep with them.
  • Drink Water – Staying hydrated will help you feel better and recover quicker.
  • Sleep On Your Belly – Sleep on your stomach for at least two to three weeks after your surgery.


  • Sit on Your Buttocks – It’s best to avoid sitting directly on your bottom for the first two to eight weeks following surgery. Your doctor will let you know when it’s safe to sit normally again. Use the BBL Pillow to sit on the back of your thighs. You don’t want to place any stress on the areas that received fat transplants.
  • Smoke – Avoid smoking for at least two months after your Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. Smoking can interfere with the healing process. Cigarette smoking can narrow blood vessels and impair blood flow.
  • Wear The Wrong Compression Garment – The garment should feel tight on the skin, but it shouldn’t cover your new butt augmentation. Most post-surgical compression garments specially designed for patients recovering from a BBL will have supportive but non-compressive molded buttocks pads.

Your Final BBL Results

Your soft, full, curvy shape should be revealed after 3-6 months. You did all this work to get the perfect behind, and it’s vital to know how to take care of it. Recovery after a Brazilian Butt Lift can be demanding, but the final result will be worth it. We suggest being as patient as possible and always follow the instructions and recommendations provided to you by our cosmetic surgeons. The more proactive you are about your Brazilan Butt Lift recovery, the better the results will be!

For more information on safe liposuction procedures, the American Society of Liposuction Surgery (ASLS) promotes the highest quality liposuction practice.