14 November 2022

Why is the mother’s body not the same after giving birth? What is Mommy Makeover?

Often, the abdominal skin that is stretched during pregnancy does not return to its proper shape after childbirth. Also, the rectus abdominal muscles, which lie vertically, can separate and become weak, causing the abdomen to expand. The same thing happens with the skin of the chest, and the result is weaker support for the breasts, making them more sagging and soft. For some, it's a very natural process that they don't want to hide while for others it's something they want to get rid of as soon as possible. Most start diet and fitness, but not a few prefer the aesthetic intervention known as "Mommy Makeover". Mommy makeover addresses the problems that arise in the female body after the pregnancy period. It can be performed simultaneously and consists of interventions such as:
  • Abdominal Remodeling
  • Liposuction of different parts of the body
  • Breast Remodeling
  • Enlargement or Lifting
Overhead view of Asian pregnant woman holding an ultrasound scan photo of her baby, with a moses basket filling with baby clothing, baby shoes and soft toy teddy bear in front of her. Mother-to-be. Expecting a new life. Preparing for the new born concept Using these interventions, the two biggest aesthetic problems of the mother after pregnancy can be corrected. These interventions can be performed simultaneously, but in some cases, a very long duration of the intervention is required, and it is preferable to perform two sessions instead. Other treatments that can be combined with Mommy Makeover are:
  • Radiofrequency skin tightening
  • Cellulite treatment
  • Stretch mark treatment