2 May 2022

Why is it important to come to face treatments regularly?

We talked about the importance of regular visits to facial treatments with us the Atlanta Liposuction Specialty Clinic.
Facial treatments are a very important part of our care and should be practiced regularly. First of all, because the skin of the face is exposed to air every day, which is very polluted, especially in the city. We live in a climate where four seasons change, and it often happens that temperature differences of more than 20 degrees occur in a short period of time, which also affects our skin. The skin dries faster due to the wind, capillaries can burst due to the cold, the skin dries out due to the heat, and due to the pollution, it is additionally polluted and damaged. In such conditions, people who are prone to acne and blackheads can worsen their condition. The way of life in the city and stress also lead to spasm of the muscles on the face, which also accelerates the aging process. Another factor, which is very important to mention, is the  blue light . We live in an era of digitalization, when our face is constantly exposed to the phone, laptop, computer and light coming from the screen. We are increasingly encountering ice lights in the environment , which also have an extremely bad effect on our skin. Sunlight , ie bad radiation, both when there is and when there is no sun, can lead to hyperpigmentation, freckles, blemishes, ie. chrono and photo damage. It also dries the skin. Exposure to strong light leads to frowning, and frowning leads to cracking of the dermis, which accelerates the aging process. Life in the city, going to the gym or running, a lot of dust - all this can lead to faster creation of some processes on the skin, inflammation of acne, blackheads and more. All these factors are a sufficient indicator of why the skin should be nurtured , not to mention one of the most important - free radicals that are simply there and affect oxidative processes. By influencing free radicals, we can prevent skin aging. Cropped shot of a beautiful young woman posing against a grey background

Why and how often should you come for facial treatments?

We all have different skin types and each has its pros and cons. It also means that, depending on the type of skin, preparations are chosen, the method of care, and even the frequency of visits to treatments. Everyday care includes maintaining hygiene and special skin care, especially when it comes to its nutrition. However,  professional care treatments are there to target a specific skin type . Therefore, dry skin types go for deep hydration and renewal of the superficial, protective barrier of the skin. For oily types, we have to clean the skin regularly, because it is this oiling on special parts and the T-zone that leads to the appearance of acne and blackheads, which definitely does not look nice. Why professional facial treatments? Because during one treatment, the skin is given one type of cocktail, which has a deeper effect on it, unlike standard daily care. If there is a certain problem, professional treatments help us to reduce or prevent that problem. These are care treatments that are most often called biological treatments , while in addition, hygienic cleaning is carried out, which is necessary because our skin sweats, dust, impurities, pollution stick to it… Hygienic cleansing should also be practiced if you are typically, genetically predisposed to problematic skin or it happens because of the food you take into the body. Some of the foods simply cause the skin to become oily and dirty in some parts, so it is necessary to thoroughly clean it. It is recommended that you clean your skin every three weeks, a month or two months - it all depends on how prone your skin is to problems. Cropped shot of an attractive young woman lying on her back

Skin problems that should be treated separately

If you have skin that is very sensitive, reactive or skin with rosacea , never do invasive treatments, chemical peels , strong abrasive mechanical peels. In these cases, it is always better to visit a dermatologist and get adequate care. Also, skin that is prone to blackheads, especially acne, should not be cleaned on its own . If the skin is not adequately cleansed and prepared, and you then do, say, anti-age treatment with strong masks, they can oil the skin and make those acne even more inflamed. Also, you should never clean your face with fresh, active acne! In Atlanta Liposuction Specialty Clinic, therefore,  consultations are mandatory before starting the treatments . The procedure of aesthetic medicine

How are facial treatments determined by skin type?

Hyperpigmentation can occur in people who are lighter-skinned or prone to freckles, in certain years under the influence of the sun. It is ideal for these people to start treatments that are rich in antioxidants , such as vitamin C , before the season. Energy C , for example, is a fantastic treatment that should be done before you go on vacation. After that, treatments specially created for whitening, ie for lightening the complexion, are recommended. I will also mention Dermafrac , which is an excellent treatment for facial care before and after vacation. You can do two treatments with a vitamin C cocktail, before the holidays, and when you return, two Brightening treatments in a row, which work specifically on skin lightening. Before going on vacation, especially before summer vacation, it is mandatory to  clean the face , because under various creams, due to the combination of salt, fat cream and sun, it can become inflamed and cause various complications that we do not need. Occasional facial massages and how they are recommended! Women often like to come for facial, neck and décolleté massages, while men like facial, scalp and neck massages. They should be an important part of your care because stress is very much reflected on the face, both in women and men . The face has many nerves that lead to muscle spasms, and when they are pressed there is not enough oxygenation or blood flow. This spasm leads to headaches, so it is not bad to do a massage from time to time, which you can always enrich with a mask at the end.

Tip plus…

Do not overdo it and do not force care at any cost! Although there are various face gym aids in the trend , from stones, balls, to rollers, suction cups and vacuum for the face, my advice is that all this should not be too much - neither too much care, nor too much care, nor too many treatments. If you didn't do something on time. You simply will not make a better situation by "bombing" your face now. Don’t expect to make up for 10 years in a month or two during which you haven’t done anything on your antiaging . With each treatment one should be very, very careful and each one should be left to the professionals! In Atlanta Liposuction Specialty Clinic, before each treatment, a consultation is mandatory, by filling out a consultation form. In this way, we monitor your care and create individual protocols according to your needs and the results already achieved. If you also want to schedule some of the facial treatments available in our offer, call us today!