What is the arm lift?

Posted on: January 16, 2023

The great progress in beauty and health in recent years has allowed the development of truly effective, fast and safe techniques and interventions in many parts of our body, to obtain a healthier and more aesthetic appearance .


A good example of this is the arm lift or brachioplasty , one of the most interesting solutions for those people who want to eliminate flaccid skin that hangs in the inner areas of the arm .

A solution with excellent results , which allows you to enjoy arms and a completely renewed appearance, and which is increasingly the favorite option for many people who want to obtain a healthier and more attractive appearance .

When is it recommended to do it? 

This arm lift intervention , which is performed professionally, with all precautions and which offers outstanding results, is recommended for people who have lost weight or who, over the years, have loose skin and little aesthetics in the arms

Thus, for example, a brachioplasty is one of the most recommended options for people who, after a long diet or operation for reasons of obesity , have lost a large amount of weight, and therefore present areas with hanging skin , being in the arms one of the most visible and not very aesthetic.


With this simple intervention , a removal of that skin is safely carried out , which is no longer functional and is totally dispensable.

What does the arm lift intervention consist of?

The arm lift is a safer and more beneficial intervention for the person who performs it, since it consists of an operation with local anesthesia and sedation .


It intervenes in two different ways. The first one, in the armpit area , with a small incision that is barely perceptible later. Being the most recommended option for simpler cases of arm lift .

This technique, known as mini brachioplasty, offers some very interesting results , since it barely leaves a few small scars by means of a small tightening of the skin in the upper direction.

Another mode of intervention is on the inside of the arm , indicated for cases where there is more volume of skin to be removed, and here more varied methods are used , such as liposuction , as well as skin removal techniques .


Also, in these cases of brachioplasty , where a longer intervention is required due to the amount of skin to be removed, preservation of the lymphatic vessels is required , in order to obtain the best results .

What benefits does it offer? 

The benefits of this type of intervention are very interesting, since it is not only a substantial improvement at an aesthetic level , but also at a health level , especially in terms of mobility and quality of life in those people who, for reasons of weight, are They found themselves more limited in terms of functionality and comfort when using their arms.


In addition, with this arm lift technique, typical skin problems due to excess skin are prevented from persisting , such as chafing, skin pain related to itching , small eczema, growth or even mild skin infections .