19 October 2022

What are the most natural aesthetic facial treatments?

Prolonged and long-term exposure to solar radiation has negative effects on the appearance of the skin. The rays that gently caress the body and give their beneficial properties to the body, simultaneously cause wrinkles, relaxation, and spots on the skin. The cause is its lack of provision and protection, which often leads to burns and dryness since the natural production of oils is not sufficient to meet its needs. "The skin maintains its youthful appearance because of (mainly) two proteins: collagen and elastin. The role of collagen is to keep the skin firm and although its production never stops, it slows down over the years. UV radiation can cause this structural protein to break down faster than aging, and the reason is the abnormal accumulation of elastin in the dermis and the resulting production of enzymes. That is, constant exposure to the sun accelerates the process, leading to additional wrinkles and sagging. That's why people who work outdoors look older than they are," explains one of our Dr.s  at Atlanta Liposuction Specialty Clinic. "The elasticity of our skin is given by elastin. Although collagen has this property, the degree differs, with elastin excelling since it gives the skin a hundred times more elasticity than collagen. And this protein decreases with aging, but also with exposure to solar radiation, due to gene mutations that are responsible for structural changes in the protein," he adds. Shot of an attractive woman enjoying a face massage UV radiation is also one of the main generators of free radicals. Free radicals also increase the number of enzymes that break down collagen, while at the same time they can change a cell's genetic material in a way that leads to much more serious skin damage. Avoiding sunscreen while the skin is exposed to the sun's rays also affects the amount of hyaluronic acid that protects the skin from dehydration and inflammation, and enhances its elasticity by maintaining its thickness and density. However, the effects of the sun also depend on the skin type. The oils that the skin naturally produces protect and therefore those with oily skin are subject to less damage compared to those with dry skin. Sun exposure leads dry skin to flake, and then to wrinkle. People with sensitive skin are faced with rashes and inflammation, redness, and itching, while there are not a few who show phototoxicity, and blisters and rashes appear on their skin. Science has come a long way and can partially reverse sun damage to the skin. There are many moisturizing and anti-wrinkle creams on the market that help improve the appearance of the skin. Unfortunately, however, their potential is limited compared to the minimally invasive or invasive treatments that have been developed. Phototherapy is a widespread skin aging treatment due to the speed of cell renewal it offers and the immediate and natural improvement of tired skin that has developed wrinkles due to the effect of the sun. Each wavelength focuses on and activates different skin-enhancing factors, delivering youthful, hydrated, radiant, smooth skin free of blemishes and enlarged pores. Portrait of an Asian woman getting a face massage at the spa - beauty treatment concepts Another painless treatment is hydrogel masks, which nourish all skin types with natural ingredients derived from a special class of algae with significant benefits for skin health. The wide variety of masks (each one has different ingredients) makes them suitable for every need. Its initial liquid form, within 15-20 minutes of its application, solidifies and its beneficial ingredients penetrate deep into the pores of the skin and nourish the tissues. A few minutes later, the mask is removed in one piece without leaving any residue behind, revealing rejuvenated and hydrated skin. "Both treatments have no side effects and are even aimed at people with skin problems, such as acne. Also, they complement each other and act as reinforcements in other aesthetic treatments, to ultimately show off a more radiant, firm, and smooth skin", conclude our Drs.