Types of Liposuction

Posted on: October 1, 2022

Facial liposuction

Facial liposuction is usually performed in the context of some other operation such as lifting. You may not know it, but fat can also accumulate on the face and it is almost impossible to get rid of it without some kind of surgery. This fat is mainly seen around the eyes and cheekbones. Fat removal is done to make the result of the larger operation more natural and the shape of the face more harmonious after it.

Buttock liposuction

Buttocks are one of the parts of the body where a large amount of stubborn fat usually accumulates. This can happen for many reasons, but the main one is heredity. Buttock liposuction is performed after weight loss and its purpose is to make the patient’s body image more harmonious. The price of buttock liposuction largely depends on how large the amount of fat will be removed, which of course directly affects the scope and time of the operation.

Chin liposuction

The chin is also known as a double chin and is formed when there is a large concentration of fat in the area under the jaw. This concentration of fat is often combined with a general relaxation of the skin in the area with a particularly unsightly effect. Liposuction in the neck is a very common form of liposuction which is usually combined with a neck lift which improves the shape of the skin in this area.

It is an operation that is performed quite often in people of all ages since the problem is strongly felt after a large weight loss. It is worth noting that in older people, fat cells can appear even if they are not overweight since it is also a “symptom” of aging. The liposuction price depends on whether the operation will be done alone or together with the facelift.

Abdominal liposuction

The abdomen is the part of the body in which the largest concentrations of fat are usually observed, which can be particularly persistent. The phenomenon is more pronounced in men but often occurs in women, especially after a pregnancy. This is perhaps the most “popular” operation of its kind. We should make it clear that abdominal liposuction is NOT done to lose weight, on the contrary, it is done to remove excess fat that did not go away after some weight loss attempts. How much abdominal liposuction costs always depends on the patient’s case and the method to be used.

Beauty and body care.

Legs Liposuction

The legs are also a place where fat can accumulate. If the excess fat in the thighs (also known as) thighs does not go away after exercising to target the area in question, the only solution is thigh liposuction. Liposuction on the thighs is also done quite often and especially for women who want to improve the shape of their legs after losing weight to have a body ideal for the beach. The cost depends on the size of the operation.

Arm liposuction

The arms are another very problematic part of the body that is badly affected by the passage of time. As the passage of time causes the skin in the area to lose its elasticity, the weight of the fat causes it to sag, creating unsightly “bags” on the arms. These bags can also be created by a large weight loss. Arm liposuction is done as part of a more specialized procedure called Brachioplasty and will rarely be done alone. Its cost depends on whether it will be done alone or as part of a Brachioplasty.

Liposuction on the knees

The area behind the knees and the knees themselves are also places where a concentration of excess fat can be observed. The problem is that in this particular area it is impossible to lose excess fat with exercise, so the only solution is liposuction on the knees. The good news is that knee liposuction is almost exclusively done with non-invasive methods and is relatively bloodless, so its cost is small and the recovery time is almost non-existent since the patient can return to his activities from the very next day.

Cheek liposuction

A concentration of fat can also occur on the cheeks, as a result of which the shape of the face and its expressiveness are spoiled. Liposuction on the cheeks is a very simple operation with little cost, which can be done by itself, that is, without being combined with other operations. It can be performed on people of all ages and is the only solution for removing fat from the cheeks.

Liposuction love handles

Finally, there are the buns whose existence is solely due to the accumulation of unnecessary and stubborn fat. Buns are also known as “lifebuoys” because they are presented around the belly while the English call them love handles. However, it is an unsightly problem that can only be solved by liposuction, the size of which will determine its cost.

4D liposuction

4D liposuction is the latest development in plastic surgery and the fact it is not exactly liposuction since the term used to describe this operation is liposculpture. This operation is also performed almost completely bloodlessly with ultrasound and a special laser and is aimed at people who already have a fit body and want to remove the minimum excess fat to make the appearance of the muscles more intense. In other words, the purpose of this surgery is to get a six-pack and a perfectly toned body in general. 4D liposuction takes its name from the 4K resolution since it essentially shows the muscles and contours in high definition. It is a relatively inexpensive operation, but as we said before, it is not for everyone.