Treatments for Dark Circles

Posted on: July 13, 2022

The solutions proposed by aesthetic medicine

Until now, treatments for dark circles forced patients to choose a particular method. For some years, however, it has been found that the combination of several technologies favors and helps the correction of this imperfection with an effectiveness never experienced before.

Having a lively look and a youthful appearance is the desire of every woman, but also many men. Often, busy life, stress, sleep deprivation, and genetic factors can cause dark circles and bags under the eyes to appear at any age. These are unsightly blemishes that, in addition to giving the face a tired look, darken the gaze; however, it is a very common condition that, fortunately, can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

Dark circles

Dark circles are that purplish or bluish shade that appears under the eye, often accompanied by so-called bags, an accumulation of adipose tissue, which tends to fall downwards. Often the two terms are confused but it must be taken into account that, when choosing to undergo some treatment, they must be treated differently.

Nevertheless, it sometimes happens that by correcting the bags, dark circles also disappear, and vice versa. But let’s try to understand why these imperfections appear, what are the causes and how to get rid of them permanently.

The cause

In part we have said it before, dark circles can be caused by a too hectic lifestyle, by little rest, or by genetic factors. However, there may be other reasons, for example:

  • Hyperpigmentation of the skin of the eyelids;
  • A skin so thin that muscles and blood vessels can be seen;
  • Allergies or inflammation of the eye area;
  • The skin aging;
  • A depression of the lacrimal valley;

Generally speaking, we can say that by acting if some causes are excluded, in most cases the dark circles indicate suffering of the eyelid tissues; acting on these improves the quality of the skin layers, counteracting the imperfection.

How to get rid of dark circles

How do eliminate dark circles when they become excessively dark and weigh down the eyes?
The only effective way to permanently eliminate this imperfection is to resort to aesthetic medicine. The ideal would be to get great results without having to resort to plastic surgery. Thanks to the advances made by medicine, there are treatments for painless, quick, and side-effect-free dark circles that act directly on the imperfection, erasing it permanently.

The aesthetic doctor can intervene by exploiting the effectiveness of two very different methods which, when combined, lead to truly excellent results. In any case, it is always advisable to contact a qualified expert, who knows how to advise and direct you towards the best treatments for dark circles, for appreciable and long-lasting results.

Portrait of smiling mature woman with perfect skin showing victory sign near eye on brown background. Closeup face of african woman with bare shoulder showing successful results after anti-aging wrinkle treatment. Crow's feet, eyebag and dark circles under the eyes concept.

Fractional laser

The fractional laser allows you to deeply target dark circles, activating important tissue replacement and repair processes. This treatment eliminates the oldest and most pigmented cells, stimulates the production of collagen, and favors the appearance of more elastic and compact tissues.

With the laser, the aesthetic doctor will be able to eliminate, or at least attenuate, the purple shadow around the eyes. Based on the extent of the imperfection, the most suitable type of laser is chosen: low intensity for superficial dark circles or high intensity when the pouring of blood into the area around the eye is more evident.

Dark circles filler

The dark circle’s filler is a substance based on hyaluronic acid that allows lifting of the tissues favoring the disappearance of bags under the eyes. It is a small subcutaneous injection in the area between the lower eyelid and the cheekbone: the injected substance fills the depressed areas and lifts the tissues.

The treatment is painless, also thanks to the use of a local anesthetic; it lasts an average of 15 minutes, after which the patient can return to his daily life. The filler is resorbable, therefore the results will last about a year, after which time it will be possible to undergo the dark circle’s treatment again, without any contraindications.