10 June 2022

Thigh and Arm Lift: everything you need to know

Thigh and arm lifting is one of the most requested operations in the field of cosmetic surgery and works in the area of ​​the upper or lower limbs to eliminate excess skin or fat. This situation can arise, in both men and women, following a strong weight loss after a diet or bariatric surgery, or in the case of muscle laxity due to aging and lack of physical activity. We are talking about an intervention that allows the lifting of the treated area and the remodeling of the limbs to recover a more youthful image and find safety in your body. The facelift has two huge advantages :
  • the scars will be almost invisible as they are placed either in the groin area or in the innermost part of the arm,
  • no hospitalization is required.

The intervention

During the preoperative visit, the surgeon will discuss with the patient the points of the body to improve, illustrating what the preparation for the surgery, the results, and the consequences of the operation must be. The surgeon will study the affected area, the sagging skin, and the type of incisions that can be made. It is very important for the success of the operation that a preoperative drawing is performed to identify the best point in which to make the incision to make it as less visible as possible. Before the surgery, it is mandatory to carry out all the tests prescribed during the preoperative visit and to suspend the use of tobacco, in the case of smoking patients, at least for a few days. Cropped shot of a young woman with excess fat on her upper arm with marks for liposuction or plastic surgery isolated on a gray background. The loose and saggy muscles. Overweight. Beauty concept Another important aspect is the interruption, always starting a few days before the operation, of the use of any anti-inflammatory or anticoagulant drug (as indicated by the surgeon during the visit). On the day of the operation, it will be necessary to arrive accompanied, to have support in the hours immediately following the operation, and to fast for at least 7 hours. Both facelifts can be performed under local anesthesia with conscious sedation and last about 30 minutes, in the case of a thigh lift, and 1 or 2 hours if the affected area is that of the arms. The operation on the thighs is performed with an incision that starts from the fold of the buttock to the groin area, after which the part of the skin necessary to allow the lifting of the area is removed. At this point, the surgeon will proceed with the application of the sutures and the elastic bandage throughout the affected area (both the suture and the bandage will be removed after one week).


The post-operative procedure of these two interventions is not painful, but like any operation, it requires a minimum of precautions to avoid possible sagging of the area. The scars, as regards the thigh lift, will remain hidden by the underwear, while those of the arm lift will be placed in the innermost area of ​​the upper limbs and will be more or less evident depending on the amount of tissue that has been removed. For a few days after the surgery, it will be very important to pay attention to nutrition; in fact, for at least the first day it is preferable to take only liquid foods. Especially about the thigh lift, as already mentioned above, it is advisable to arrive accompanied to the intervention to be supported. In addition, in case of bruising or swelling it is useful to wear elasticated stockings or undergo a course of lymphatic drainage sessions. In general, among the other symptoms that can be found after the facelift, there are possible feelings of tiredness and numbness of the operated areas, as well as a possible swelling of the area. The surgeon will, among other things, indicate the drug therapy and the correct behaviors to be adopted. After the operation, the patient will have to undergo at least a couple of dressings and avoid any sudden movement of the arms or legs for at least the first month. The results of the facelift, after the first period immediately following the operation, will be immediately evident; this operation leads, in fact, to a radical change in the area of ​​the upper or lower limbs with a substantial skin lifting and a wonderful rejuvenation of the image.