The First Signs of Aging. What Measures to take first?

Posted on: February 20, 2022

None of us get younger with age. Sooner or later, you will have to accept this truth, and somehow live with it. Notice the first signs of aging and get used to it, or start doing something about them. This article is written for those who are closer to the second option. We will briefly look at the main causes of aging, refresh information on the types of skin aging and how to deal with age-related changes.

The main types of skin aging

There are only two of them:

  • Photoaging : Changes in the structure of the skin under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. The skin becomes dry, flaky, pigmentation may appear. This type is typical for residents of sunny countries and regions.
  • Chronoaging: The natural aging process of the skin that cannot be prevented. But it can be very slow.

The first signs of facial skin aging

  1. Dullness :With poor nutrition, lack of sleep, stress in any person, sooner or later the skin will begin to fade. Only at a young age, in order for the face to begin to fade, you need to spend several nights in a row at a disco, and at a more mature age, it’s enough not to get enough sleep for one day. Dullness is considered a sign of aging when it appears quickly under adverse circumstances.
  1. Dry skin: Or dehydration. With proper care, this problem is not encountered at a young age (except for dry skin type). Therefore, dryness is considered one of the signs of aging.

  1. Thinning and stretching: With age, the muscles of the face weaken, which causes omission of tissues, the skin becomes thinner, and loses its elasticity. This problem can be solved with the help of home massagers and professional treatments.
  1. Wrinkles, dark circles: Fine wrinkles most often first appear in the area around the eyes. It is practically devoid of fat, which is why it is very thin. Therefore, here, even at 25 years old, the first signs of aging may appear. Also, the first wrinkles often appear in the area around the lips and on the forehead (zones of increased muscle activity).

In many ways, the aging process of the body depends on lifestyle. But, it is worth thinking about it until the age of 35. If the skin has already begun to fade, then simply correcting the lifestyle will not give the desired effect.

Types of skin aging: what to do with each?

In this article, we will not describe in detail each type of aging, since we wrote about this earlier. Instead, we will tell you about how you can prevent or correct age-related changes in each type.

  1. Deformation: Most characteristic of the Slavs. It is characterized by strong age-related deformations of the skin (ptosis, drooping, flails). These changes are caused by an excessive layer of subcutaneous fat, and weak muscles.

From here, the best preventive procedures will be those that help strengthen the muscles: microcurrents, massages (at home using massagers). Lifestyle also plays a big role. With this morphotype, it is necessary to monitor nutrition, play sports and give up bad habits. As for the fight against age-related skin changes, an excellent effect can be achieved with the help of thread lifting, RF lifting, as well as mesotherapy. These treatments can be combined with massages.

People with a deformation type of skin should think about aging in advance. Because with severe ptosis or severe omission, cosmetic techniques are powerless. Not to mention professional cosmetics. Not a single cream or mask can help strengthen the muscular frame or get rid of excess skin. Therefore, the emphasis should be on cosmetic procedures.

In any case, it is desirable to know your type of aging as early as possible. But with the so-called “Russian” it is simply a necessity, since the first pronounced skin changes can appear quite early. Most often after the first pregnancy.

  1. Tired: The name speaks for itself. With age, the face becomes as if tired: the corners of the lips fall, the skin becomes dull, swells, there may be slight ptosis.

This type needs to monitor the daily routine from an early age, not to overwork. Particular attention should also be paid to nourishing the skin, saturating the cells with moisture. This is important so that the face does not begin to fade.

Hardware techniques aimed at increasing muscle tone will help eliminate the signs of early aging. If you need to tighten the oval of the face, we recommend thread therapy. Also, you should pay attention to biorevitalization, mesotherapy, phonophoresis and other procedures that help speed up the regenerative processes of the skin.

  1. Finely wrinkled: The case when you need to pay special attention to the prevention of photoaging. This type, in addition to being prone to early wrinkles, is also prone to pigmentation and redness of the skin.

There are no such preventive methods other than a normal lifestyle, massages and proper care. But there are many procedures that help with fine wrinkles. The simplest – fillers, mesotherapy, medium and deep peels. To achieve a more lasting effect, we recommend RF lifting, plasma therapy, as well as biorevitalization.

  1. Muscular: It is also important for this type to carefully protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, as well as monitor the daily routine. Otherwise, “crow’s feet” may appear at a very early age. Otherwise, people with this morphotype remain young for a very long time.

Phototherapy (against pigmentation), chemical peels, microcurrent therapy (it can also be a preventive procedure), as well as various hardware techniques aimed at producing skin protein molecules will help eliminate the signs of aging.

There is also a mixed morphotype, which combines the deformation and some of the other three. Correction of signs of aging is carried out by a combination of various techniques.

It is impossible to predict at what age a woman will begin to age, as it depends on many factors. But everyone can be advised to start doing preventive procedures from +/- 30 years old. After all, it is most effective to fight the first signs of skin aging even before they appear. Moreover, this can be done both with the help of professional techniques, and at home. To do this, we have a variety of facial products in our range to help you make your home care as effective as possible.