7 June 2022

Say Goodbye to “Love Handles” Thanks to Liposuction!

One of the most common imperfections, both in the female and male world, is certainly that of the " love handles ", that is the localized accumulation of fat on the hip area that hardly disappears with a slimming diet or with physical exercise, and for this reason, many of those who suffer from this problem decide to rely on a good cosmetic surgeon to eliminate it permanently. The operation through which it is possible to permanently remove the fat from the hips is liposuction, a highly requested intervention that can be carried out in the day hospital without major consequences.

The intervention

Like any surgical procedure, preoperative preparation is also required for liposuction; in fact, the patient will have to temporarily suspend any antiplatelet or anticoagulant therapy at least one week before the date of the surgery, moreover six hours before the operation he will have to avoid taking any solid or liquid food. Thanks to the use of extremely modern techniques, today the operation is very simple and rapid, as well as not very invasive; in essence, the operation consists in inserting a microcannula through a small hole, a few millimeters large, through which the surgeon will aspirate a specific quantity of fat. Cropped shot of bodies of slim and obese women in underwear standing back to back isolated over gray background. Diversity, beauty, body positive concept. Side view. Horizontal shot The operation can be performed with local anesthesia in case of small aspirations (maximum 1200 g) or under general anesthesia. If it is not possible to remove all the fat in the area, the operation can be repeated until the desired result is achieved. With liposuction, it is possible to reshape the profile of the upper body substantially and definitively. Following the surgery, the patient will be bandaged with a compression bandage for a few weeks, will have to follow a very specific drug therapy, and pay close attention in everyday life.


In the postoperative phase, the patient will be able to detect a hardening of the area subjected to the intervention for about a month, as well as a possible reduction in the sensitivity of the hips area with edema that can persist for about a couple of months. After the first month after the operation, it is possible to undergo lymphatic drainage or pressotherapy massage sessions to speed up the absorption of edema and reach the final result more quickly. Precisely because of this tissue edema, the results may not be visible from the first moment, but after this period it will be possible to notice the definitive change in the body profile. Furthermore, in some cases, the liposuction surgery can leave small irregularities in the involved areas that can be corrected, after 6 months from the first operation, with new liposuction or lipofilling session. Following the operation, it will no longer be possible to accumulate fat in the treated areas, and with a healthy diet and a little physical exercise, it will be possible to maintain the new body profile without variations. A final important aspect is that this operation does not leave any type of scars: the holes that are made to insert the cannula are closed with extremely fine micro points that are completely reabsorbed.