1 July 2022

Protect the Skin in Summer

A solution for any kind of problem Summer has arrived and with it the heat, the typical problems related to skin imperfections, and our doubts about how to protect the skin. Starting from nutrition, and continuing with creams and other types of protections, there are various precautions when it comes to protecting the largest and most exposed organ of our body, which as such needs attention and adequate care.

Eating healthy makes you glow

It is essential to supplement the diet with foods naturally rich in antioxidants, contained above all in fruit, vegetables, and vegetable oils, because when the body is well it shows. Basing your diet on seasonal fruits and vegetables, and vegetable oils are optimal for obtaining radiant, luminous, and healthy skin. In particular, it is important to assume:
  • Vitamin A and beta-carotene, which is found mainly in yellow-orange vegetables such as carrots, pumpkin, melon, apricots, etc, and those with dark green leaves such as broccoli, spinach, rocket, etc.
  • Vitamin C, present in kiwis, strawberries, citrus fruits, melon, peppers, and green leafy vegetables;
  • Vitamin E, concentrated in extra virgin olive oil and dried fruit with shell, an excellent snack during the day;
  • Mineral salts, found in vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower;
  • Potassium, selenium, and zinc, are essential for skin elasticity and firmness;
  • Vegetable proteins and fibers, are present in legumes and very useful for preventing skin spots;
  • Liquids (even if it may seem a bit trivial), to be taken daily in the quantity of at least two liters (water, herbal teas, tea, etc. without sugar), which allow preventing states of dryness and peeling of the skin.
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Measures to protect the skin

If you want to prevent the sun from causing damage such as skin aging, roughness, sagging, or eye problems, we recommend:
  • Do not expose yourself to radiation during the hottest hours, and in any case always protect yourself with a hat, sunglasses, and cream, in the city or on vacation;
  • Avoid smoking, which in addition to making the skin dull and gloomy, causes premature skin aging, with all the ensuing imperfections. Furthermore, by producing free radicals, it involves vasoconstriction which can modify elastin, collagen, and connective tissue;
  • Considerably reduce alcohol, because ethanol leads to deep dehydration and premature aging of the whole organism;
  • Do physical activity, because a sedentary lifestyle reduces vascularization and the formation of capillaries, and consequently there is no proper nourishment of the skin.
hispanic latin beautiful female use spf block cream skin seashells on the neck on sea beach.

Solutions for skin blemishes

Despite the precautions we have just talked about, however, the passing of the years inevitably involves a natural change of the skin. In this case, to combat skin aging or remedy some imperfections, aesthetic medicine can intervene with some comfortable, fast, and painless solutions:
  • Skin Resurfacing, the treatment with the CO2 fractional laser that vaporizes the superficial layer of the skin in a few seconds, eliminating dead cells and imperfections;
  • Skin tightening, carried out through Ulthera. These micro-focused ultrasounds act by toning the skin, improving its texture, and giving a natural lifting effect;
  • Filler is based on hyaluronic acid, which is a substance naturally contained in our body. The filler injections provide more volume to the treated facial area, moisturizing and filling it.
Each person is unique, and their skin must be treated as such. For this, it is advisable to turn to specialists with some experience able to fulfill your beauty wishes.