Postpartum Cosmetic Surgery

Posted on: June 29, 2022

Pregnancy is an important moment in a woman’s life and brings with it great changes not only in the person but also in the body.

Often it is enough to follow a balanced diet and do some sport to regain shape, but gymnastics and a targeted diet are not always sufficient to eliminate blemishes and imperfections of the post-partum body.

Scars, stretch marks, loss of tone and elasticity of the breasts, and localized fat on the abdomen can be resolved with minor postpartum cosmetic surgery.

Breast surgery: breast lift and breast augmentation to reshape your breasts and make them compact and toned

During pregnancy, breasts are firm and round, but after childbirth, and especially after breastfeeding, breasts can lose tone and volume and appear drained and sagging. Postpartum cosmetic surgery in these cases is the ideal solution.


Mastopexy is an operation that gives the breast a new shape: it lifts the sagging breasts and makes them firm and elastic. Often there is the need to insert prostheses to support the lifting to give the breasts a harmonious shape.

The surgeon will make areolar incisions, that is, around the areola of the breast. If the breasts are very low, the result is a vertical scar, longer but always minimally invasive, which starts from the nipple and reaches under the breast.

The result of this breast lift is excellent: the shape is natural with a firm and youthful appearance, but above all without a trace of scars.

Young woman wearing a compressing bra after a breast enhancement surgery

Breast augmentation

If the breasts are very emptied after long breastfeeding and have lost a lot of vovolumesyou can instead resort to breast augmentation with the insertion of an implant. The silicone implant is applied behind the pectoral muscle or the mammary gland.

Implants with silicone gel are ergonomic, that is, although the implants appear round to the eye, once inserted, they follow the natural silhouette of the breast. Also in this case you will have a lasting and definitive result and thanks to the ergonomic shape, you can avoid a change in the shape of the breast, as often happens with the rotation of anatomical implants. After the surgery, you regain more confidence and femininity!

Both postpartum aesthetic interventions are minimally invasive, they are performed under local anesthesia with light sedation. She can be discharged within the day and recovery times are very short.

Post-partum aesthetic breast procedures are among the most requested interventions by women, with over 300,000 operations per year.

Body surgery: abdominoplasty and liposculpture aesthetic procedures after childbirth

The abdomen is certainly the most stressed part of the body during pregnancy. Weight gain and natural enlargement of the abdominal muscles radically change the waistline causing a loss of muscle tone and the abdominal wall tissues become soft and relaxed.

Midsection of mother carrying child while standing against brown background. Postpartum belly with stretch marks.


Abdominoplasty is a very frequent post-partum cosmetic surgery: it eliminates excess fat, corrects imperfections in the abdomen, and skin laxity, and removes stretch marks, leaving the stomach flat and well-toned.

The transverse scar falls into the natural folds of the abdomen and is completely hidden under the line of the slip. With this intervention you will have stable and definitive results: the excess adipose tissue is removed and will no longer accumulate, and any stretch marks and skin imperfections will also disappear.


During the months of pregnancy, fat cells are deposited mainly on the hips, buttocks, and thighs with accumulations of localized fat tissue.

After childbirth it is difficult to recover the original physical form only with physical activity: the liposuction surgery is therefore the right solution.

With a cannula the surgeon sucks up excess fat on the waist, buttocks, and thighs, reshaping the silhouette and making the body slim and toned. The results are visible already after a few days, the swelling due to the surgery tends to disappear quickly and the incisions of the cannula are so small as to be invisible.