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how to get the legs of your dreams
Why are the feet such a problem area? “Orange peel”, “breeches”, “ear”, looseness, stretch marks – probably there is not a single woman in the world who would be indifferent to these manifestations of excess weight on her body. Stress, a passive lifestyle, and a lack of free time often exacerbate existing problems. Imperfect legs become the reason for […]
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15 August 2022
What to do if hair falls out?
Hair loss is a physiological process that occurs due to the change in growth phases and renewal of skin cells. However, excessive hair loss may indicate a disease of the hairy part of the head – alopecia. Without proper treatment and the use of hair loss remedies, alopecia progresses and, depending on the cause of the disease, leads […]
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12 August 2022
At what age should you think about cosmetic surgery?
But one question remains unanswered to the end – at what age should one start thinking about plastic surgery? From this article, you will learn what aesthetic problems can be solved by modern plastic surgery at any age. At what age can plastic or cosmetic surgery be done? Aesthetic plastic surgery, aimed at improving appearance, can […]
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8 August 2022