6 October 2016

The Amazing Little-known Benefits of Non-Surgical Liposuction

Liposuction is arguably synonymous with cosmetic surgery nowadays. Over the past few decades, it has become almost the face of every cosmetic surgery expert you come across online today. But there's a new breed that has emerged recently. That's non-surgical liposuction.

It Non-invasive

Given that the procedure is basically non-invasive in comparison to the older conventional method of doing things, liposuction is one the best methods that is applicable to people who are looking for a quick body trimming or losing excess belly fat within a short timeframe. When it comes down to liposuction, you doctor will most probably ask several questions about your overall health before recommending you for liposuction. Hence, a person looking to go down this road should ideally be in almost excellent physical condition to avoid complications later.

Risk-free and Safe

Compared to surgical liposuction, this method is quite safe and risk-free and, therefore, preferred by many over other conventional procedures. In addition to that, since there is no need for local or general anaesthesia ( its non-surgical after all), the recovery is almost instant and you won't have to worry about drowsiness and dizziness. What's more, patients can easily and conveniently go back to their lives a few hours after the session. On the hand, if you have a bias against the scarring and bruising left behind by most surgical procedures, then you will find this type of non-invasive liposuction quite handy and welcome. In the worst case scenario, you will only have to deal with minor soreness and a slight irritation in the localized areas. This implies that the surrounding tissues will not be necessarily damaged or punctured regardless of how extensive the procedure is.

Long-lasting and Yields Aesthetically Better Results

The results of this type of procedure from the patient point of view are far much long lasting particularly when compared to surgical liposuction. For instance, instead of simply getting rid of the excess pounds, it is also proven to contribute to help eliminate wrinkles and folds in the skin by promoting skin tightening. In fact, for most patients, stretch marks and cellulite are typically much lesser and noticeable after a successful non-surgical liposuction procedure than with the surgical method. And for those who know a little about the traditional surgical liposuction medicine, this new type of liposuction is less stressful and painful than the alternative. The procedure usually aims to get rid of the excess fat by thawing and beating up the cells rather squeezing it off thus eliminating the need for hospitalization afterwards. References: + Sculpsure