6 May 2022

Liposuction or Abdominoplasty – Which Procedure is for you?

Do you have a problem with fat deposits and excess skin that you can't get rid of, and you don't know if liposuction or abdominoplasty is the right solution for you? We asked Dr. Ball to give us an answer to that question. The way in which fat deposits will be distributed in our body is an individual matter. It is influenced by a number of factors - age, gender, genetics, lifestyle. In menopausal women, excess fat deposits around the waist can occur because hormone levels have an effect on how the body distributes fat. The same factors affect the elasticity of the skin, so achieving a slim look and a tight stomach  with age becomes one of the most common challenges, not only for women, but also for men. When the skin loses the ability to maintain tightness and resists the effects of gravity, it often relaxes in the abdomen. In some cases, this problem can be caused by excess weight and pregnancy, which cannot be solved by special diets or training. In those moments, cosmetic surgery and procedures that achieve great results -  liposuction  and abdominoplasty - come on the scene . Although the goal of both procedures is similar, there are basic differences you should know. That is why we asked  Dr. Ball, a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon and as a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society of Laser Medicine & Surgery, what is the basic difference between liposuction and abdominoplasty , but also  how to know which procedure is right for you .

Is Liposuction The Right Procedure For You?

Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure that removes persistent, unwanted localized, fatty deposits. Although many think the opposite,  liposuction does not solve the problem of overweight, nor does this procedure eliminate excess weight , but it is used in order to  remove localized deposits of adipose tissue and reshape the body . The result is a change in the contour, ie the silhouette of the body.  In addition to the abdomen, this procedure can also be performed in the thighs, hips, chin, upper arms. Liposuction  is recommended for people who strive for a slimmer appearance, but can not achieve this due to fat deposits that are "resistant" to a special diet and training. It can be performed on men or women older than 18, of normal body weight, who have good skin elasticity and muscle tone. Cropped of plastic surgeon hands checking afro woman belly before beauty procedure, liposuction concept At our clinic, this procedure is performed with a  LipoLife laser . It works by simultaneously aspirating fatty, tumescent contents from which, in the further process, fat cells are separated and the skin is tightened. Since as much as 95% of these cells are alive and ready for further transfer, the removed adipose tissue is often injected by filtration into the parts of the body where there is a need for it. Therefore, a combined procedure of  liposuction and fat transfer is  performed in order to reshape the body and emphasize the natural contours. Of course, all this is done in agreement with the surgeon.

It is very important to have realistic expectations about how the liposuction procedure can help you, so we recommend that you first find out all the details of this procedure  before you come for an examination, so that your surgeon can further clarify any doubts about this procedure.

Is abdominoplasty the right procedure for you?

Abdominoplasty  is a procedure that is also known as  abdominal tightening . It is an intervention that aims to  remove excess skin and fat in the abdomen . Patients usually decide for this intervention after sudden weight loss or pregnancy, when there is excess skin left, or in later years, when it is harder to tighten the stomach just by losing weight and training. It is important to note that abdominoplasty is a more invasive method compared to liposuction, because it requires an incision in the bikini area, above the pubic region, and goes deep, to the front abdominal muscles. On that occasion, the excess skin and fatty tissue is removed and, if necessary, the problem of a relaxed and separated real abdominal muscle is taken care of by approaching it with special sutures. Often, the relocation or modeling of a new navel is an integral part of this procedure. Accordingly, the recovery is longer, and the results are visible immediately! Doctor plastic surgeon drawing preoperative markings on skin of patient abdomen closeup. Plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine liposuction concept When we talk about  tightening the stomach , the best results are provided by a combination of these two methods, when abdominoplasty tightens excess skin, and liposuction removes excess fat. Keep in mind that, after these interventions,  it is very important to follow the doctor's advice on diet and physical activity . Much depends on whether the results will be long-term or not. We believe that the goal of both procedures is much clearer for you now - the excess skin on the abdomen is solved with abdominoplasty, while the excess fat deposits are best removed by liposuction. However, a combination of both methods is recommended for some patients. Therefore, the best advice is to schedule consultations with our surgeons and come up with the best solution to your problems together with them. Call us and make an appointment today!