17 May 2022

Let’s talk about Nutrition and Acne

The role of diet in the treatment of acne is as important as the role of therapy, the protocol for the treatment of acne . That is why today we are talking about the importance of diet in the treatment of this problem. Acne  is an inflammatory skin disease that most commonly affects the face, neck, décolleté, shoulders and back. Their formation causes excess sebum and disturbed peeling of the skin, while the factors that lead to the appearance of acne are various - from genetic predisposition to hormonal changes, stress and other skin problems. Over the years, an increasing number of children and young people are facing this problem.

Why should acne treatment be started as soon as possible?

Because their average duration is 6 years ! This is a serious problem, which must be treated exclusively by a dermatologist . During the treatment, it is important to consider all aspects of that process, among which the diet plays a big and very important role . Young woman before and after acne treatment. Skin care concept

Are acne and pimples the result of consuming chocolate?

Although it is widely believed that acne and pimples are caused by consuming chocolate, it has been shown to be the most common prejudice. A group of dermatologists from the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study with a group of adolescents who had a problem with acne. 65% of them were given the task of consuming 450 g of chocolate every day for a month. The following month, they ate sugar tablets, but the condition with acne did not worsen. This led to the conclusion that the "culprit" can only be detected by analyzing the entire diet .

What is the connection between acne and diet?

During the treatment of acne , it is necessary to avoid some foods, or replace them with other, similar foods, while the intake of certain vitamins and minerals is mandatory - and in larger quantities. Thus, for example, too much iodine in the diet can irritate the pores and lead to their spread, and thus an increased number of acne. Iodine is ingested using iodized salt, which should be replaced with Himalayan salt during treatment. It is also surprising that larger amounts of iodine were found in milk and fast food. Fast food contains as much as 30% more iodine  than the recommended permitted values, while iodine in milk is caused by the use of drugs or possible contamination during its processing. Consideration should also be given to the intake of foods with a high glycemic index. First of all, it is necessary to reduce the use of confectionery products,  replace milk chocolate with black , choose fresh fruit , and not candied, canned or fruit in the form of juices. Nutritional food for heart health wellness by cholesterol diet and healthy nutrition eating with clean fruits and vegetables in heart dish by nutritionist and doctor recommended for patient well-being Due to  the great importance of zinc in the prevention and development of acne , emphasis should be placed on the use of foods that contain this mineral. In the daily diet plan, it is necessary to increase the intake of whole grains, wheat germ, legumes and turkey . A varied balanced diet rich in fiber (vegetables, whole grains, fruits) with a moderate intake of saturated fats (dairy products, red meat and processed foods) and a balanced intake of protein , promotes reduced acne. We recommend that, after the examination of our dermatologists, with the analysis of the blood picture, you schedule a consultation with our nutritionist. He will, based on all the information, determine an individual diet and supplementation plan. The work of a dermatologist and a nutritionist is the key with which we can very easily, but professionally and thoroughly, come to a solution to your problem.