29 March 2022

Is there anyway to get Bigger Breasts without Implants?

  The answer is yes and surgery has long been the most reliable way to increase the size of your breasts, however now there is natural fat with breast augmentation transfer. This type of breast augmentation is growing in popularity as it eliminates the need for implants by ‘recycling’ fat from one part of your body and placing it on your breasts to significantly increase their size. It sounds like the ideal surgery, fat from the belly or legs is redistributed to your breasts, but how safe is this procedure? To begin we will explain what is breast augmentation by fat transfer according to Dr. Cole -Atlanta Liposuction Specialty Clinic it is a ‘natural breast surgery’, which takes fat from other parts of the body through liposuction-contouring and transfers it to the breasts. Thus, while fat transfer work is not as common as implants, Dr. Cole points out that it has been practiced for several years with advantages that include both procedures at once which is preferred by patients with fears such as having bad silicone implants as well women want more of a natural looking enlargement without the risks caused by implants such as ruptures, leaks or shifts. However, this does not mean that every woman with implants experiences these effects, because as Wendy Lewis explains, “with implants you have different materials that can be used – saline solution, for example, is less risky than silicone gel breast implants, but it is important to remember that silicone gel is one of the most studied medical devices in history and is approved by the FDA. ”

This is where the question comes in, so what are the benefits?

While not everyone is an ideal candidate for breast fat transfer augmentation, it does have several advantages.
  • Your body is already familiar with your fat cells-own fat so, your breast tissue will absorb them with little risk of rejection
  • Incision is minimal, under 4mm, and leaves very little scaring
  • Quick recovery time of about three days, much faster than silicone implants
  • It is the perfect procedure for small cosmetic changes to even out both breasts
It is also a good alternative for women who want a subtle increase rather than going up to various breast size, as well as having the advantage of not introducing any foreign material into the body.

Well, what about the disadvantages?

While this sounds like a nice change, it does mean that you have the risks of liposuction to consider when thinking about this treatment, which can range from scarring to bruising and sagging skin.
  • It will usually add no more than one cup size and sometimes two
  • The survivability of the fat graft is unpredictable and may show a loss of up to 30% within two months
  • You may also need a breast lift to support the fat graft
  • The Price may be more expensive than saline implants
Other disadvantages include the amount of fat required to do the transfer and some people just don’t have enough, plus the results are only temporary and not as dramatic as breast implants.

Who is a Good Candidate for Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Surgery?

The best candidates include:
  • Women who have recently had saline implants or silicone breast implants removed and require a breast enlargement, breast shape or restoration procedure
  • Women who have recently given birth and lost breast volume or body fat - weight loss
  • Women who require a breast reconstruction procedure
  • Women who need a procedure to repair issues with capsular contracture
  • Women who have slightly different breast sizes and want a natural balanced look

So what about the results?

A fat transfer breast augmentation will give you visible results, but this is not the right procedure for a large cup size increase. The fat in fat transfer breast augmentation should give you a more natural, breast enhancement,smoother shape, but unlike an implant, the fat will end up being reabsorbed by the body and your boobs will decrease in size over time. This reabsorption of fat could lead to a return to your ‘old breasts,’ or at worst an uneven appearance, so ‘refills’ may be necessary, but some clinics are able to freeze any fat from liposuction initial for future use. The breast enlargement treatment has been criticized for misleading patients based on the types of results they can expect, and there is some evidence that injection of fat into the chest can sometimes cause calcified tumors that can harden, so some sources suggest that this reinjected fat can also lead to cysts. The procedure’s cost varies with each patient and the number of liposuction areas required to harvest the fat cells. It starts at $6,000 and increases to $10,000, depending on each patient’s different surgical requirements. If you are interested in increasing the size of the breast and shape, don’t like the idea of implants, the fat transfer breast augmentation procedure may be the right choice for you. If you would like further information about this procedure or a complete mommy makeover, please contact our office for a complimentary consultation. Atlanta Liposuction is the premier center for tumescent & laser liposuction, Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Transfer, and Scarless Breast Reduction.