8 May 2022

Interventions that are still a Taboo in Aesthetic Surgery, and should not be!

You will admit that some topics in cosmetic surgery are still taboo ! We reveal to you why you should no longer talk about labiaplasty , gynecomastia , penis enlargement with your own fat and other interventions with suspicion and whispering . Aesthetic and plastic surgery of the face and body has long been talked about with suspicion. This suspicion was most often caused by an exaggeration in the number of performed interventions and the achievement of an often unnatural, so-called "Plastic" look. With the popularization  of natural aesthetics , the picture of the  effects and importance of cosmetic surgery has become much clearer and more acceptable. However, there are still topics that are talked about through whispers, such as labiaplasty or  penis enlargement with your own fat . That is why today  we are breaking taboos about certain interventions in cosmetic surgery .

Gynecomastia - a problem of men's breasts for which cosmetic surgery is the solution 

If you notice that your breasts have a larger volume than is typical for men, and you have a regular body weight and this change is not caused by a change in habits in the form of intense physical activity or weight gain, you may have  gynecomastia .
close up men boob with belly fat on fat man
Gynecomastia is a problem that can occur in one in three men under the age of 40, while after the age of 50, almost half of men have enlarged breasts! It occurs due to an increase in the glandular tissue of the breast or an excess of localized adipose tissue. It can be accompanied by excessive sensitivity, enlarged areolas and varying degrees of excess skin. It cannot be prevented, but it can be corrected with procedures such as  breast reduction by removing the enlarged gland , complete  mastectomy  or  liposuction , and sometimes by combining these methods. In addition to the above, there is another form of gynecomastia, in which the breast in men is so large that it resembles a woman, with excess skin, enlarged areolas and lowered nipples. In these cases, surgical methods similar to those used to reduce women's breasts are used, with some modifications. Our specialists in cosmetic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. ColeDr. Schleich , Dr. Ball and  Dra. Szymanski, especially emphasize that before coming to one of the mentioned interventions, it is very important to have  an examination by an endocrinologist , in order to exclude others, much more serious. Causes of breast tissue proliferation. The results of the intervention are visible immediately, while the full effect is visible only after a few weeks (sometimes several months), when the swelling completely subsides and the skin and tissue take their final shape.

Labiaplasty - an aesthetic procedure for the correction of vaginal lips 

Labiaplasty is a functional and aesthetic procedure  for the correction of vaginal lips , most often with the aim of reshaping and reducing them, and sometimes color correction. It involves removing excess skin on the labia minora, as well as dark edges, which gives a youthful and rosy look to the labia, which can lose their brightness with age and, more importantly, achieve their symmetry.
A woman in underwear holds her hands to her lower abdomen. Close-up. Beige background. The concept of gynecology and women's health.
This type of problem is not uncommon at all! Labiaplasty can be performed for two reasons: functional  and  aesthetic , although at first glance everything indicates that it is a strictly aesthetic problem. However, part of a much broader picture is the feeling of shame, loss of self-confidence  and  deep dissatisfaction . The most common cause of changes in the size and length of the labia is childbirth. The reason may be a certain anomaly, as a result of the aging process, while women may encounter a number of functional disorders. The problem can sometimes be seen through clothes, frequent irritations, chronic inflammation, problems with difficult hygiene, inability to perform numerous physical activities and unpleasant and painful sexual relations with a partner. You can read more about  the labioplasty procedure , which is very successfully performed at our clinic by specialists in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

Penis enlargement with your own fat 

If you think that your penis is small in relation to the size of your body, you think that you will have more self-confidence, you have been diagnosed with micropenis (penis with an erection of 6 cm or less) or Peyronie's disease (bent or painful erection), penis enlargement with your own fat and PRP is  one of the possible correction procedures you should undergo. With this intervention, the circumference and length of the limb can be increased by 2-3 cm. The results are visible immediately , but due to the unpredictability of fat resorption in some patients, it is necessary to repeat the procedure. Consultations with our professional team, specialists in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery are mandatory before each intervention.


abstract image of female genital organs from hands and pills. concept of women's health and the treatment of female diseases of the urinary tract
You've probably heard of hymenoplasty before , but like many other aesthetic requirements, this one is talked about with a dose of suspicion. The reasons for the application of hymenoplasty  and the reconstruction of local lobes on the wall of the vagina are much more complex than it seems to some at first glance. Women are subjected to it due to the pressures of the environment in which they live, and it is  an important part of the support in the recovery of rape victims . Not so few women seek hymenoplasty at their own request, in order to improve their sex life and bring novelties to their relationship. In any case,  hymenoplasty  should not be perceived as a taboo, but as a  functional intervention  that brings with it numerous, primarily psychological benefits.

And Botox for men is no longer a taboo topic

It's not just women who are undergoing  Botox ! More and more men are opting for this non-surgical antiaging  procedure. The reasons are numerous, and it is most often applied in situations when the eyelids and eyebrows have dropped due to the aging process, when men want to refresh their appearance, but also to prevent the formation of wrinkles. Botox is often used in therapies (eg for excessive sweating), while for the purpose of rejuvenation, the effect of Botox is longer lasting if this procedure is repeated every few months. We hope that we have managed to present all these interventions from a completely different angle and point out that their effect and significance is much greater than strictly aesthetic. Schedule an examination and consultation with our  specialists in plastic,cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Cole , Dr. Schleich , Dr. Ball and  Dra. Szymanski, because we are sure that they will give you the best advice and help you solve the problems you have in the best way for you.