21 May 2022

How to lose weight healthily after the holiday?

The period during which we ate more, enjoyed various sweet and savory delicacies, alcohol and all other holiday treats is slowly passing. And what now? It's time to lose the weight you added during the holidays, completely healthy. We love the vacations, because it is one of the periods of the year when we give ourselves a little more relief. We have proven to you that during the holidays you can enjoy all the delicacies that you may deprive yourself of, but without overeating , but what if you still overweight and added a few pounds? Or do you just want to embark on a healthy change in your life habits and do something good for yourself? It's time to start our Weight Loss program !

Why is the Clean Start Weight Loss program the best solution for healthy weight loss?

The Clean Start Weight Loss program has been specifically designed to eliminate unwanted fat deposits from your body. This program particularly targets your abdomen, upper thighs, face, neck and buttocks. Many studies suggest that HCG also plays an important role in establishing a new ‘set point’ regarding your weight. Thus, it means our program will ensure long term results. You won’t quickly return to your previous weight. Its goal is, above all, to educate patients about nutrition, healthy lifestyle, healthy combination of foods, but also to maintain and achieve not only ideal body weight, but also optimal health .
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What are the steps involved in the Clean Start Weight Loss Program?

The first step in the Clean Start Weight Loss program is a nutritional review . Through a conversation with a nutritionist, all details about the history of the disease (if any), lifestyle and eating habits are collected . This information is crucial, both for determining the real state of your body and for creating an individual diet plan. During the examination, you will additionally get acquainted with all the natural strategies for weight correction, along with a regular, balanced and individually coordinated diet. The next step is to analyze the structure of the body on the Seca mBCA apparatus . It is a device that divides weight into body components important for creating an individual therapy plan. Based on the analysis, anthropometric measures are determined - BMI, total weight, percentage of (muscle) fat, mineral composition, internal (visceral) fat and the amount of water in the body, etc. The software on the device, based on the entered measurements, blood pressure and blood analysis, further automatically calculates the precise energy consumption and gives a recommendation for the diet plan. Based on it, the evaluation of the success of rehabilitation or any training process is performed, as well as the analysis of metabolic activity. It can be used at all ages, because the measurement is completely painless. After a detailed analysis of the structure of the body, a plan and program of individual nutrition is made based on the use of the most adequate methods, which aim to achieve the best but long-term results. In addition to the classic method of combining foods, balanced protein intake and higher fiber intake (in order to maintain good metabolism and strengthen immunity), the most modern and currently the world's most popular method of making a diet plan - using nutrient results .Your blood pressure is perfect Nutrigenetics is the science that studies the correlation between genes and nutrition. With its help, the adjustment of the diet is performed on the basis of DNA analysis , that is, the predestination for the development of some diseases or abilities is revealed. It does not belong to the field of alternative medicine, it is not a form of treatment and it does not change the genetic record, but it changes the expression of genes. The goal of nutrigenetics is to recognize the specific characteristics of individuals on the basis of which it is possible to optimize nutrition. Based on the given swab (from saliva), and in agreement with our nutritionist, in 7 to 10 days you get the results on the basis of which an individual diet and physical activity plan is made . All this, in addition to regular check-ups, is accompanied by the constant support of our nutritionist . After the first sighting, your contact does not end, but lasts and is maintained for a long period of time, even after achieving the desired results.

What else can you expect from our Weight Loss program?

Once you finish our program, you will be able to notice many changes in your eating habits, dietary choices and overall lifestyle. You will not feel hungry frequently, and your metabolic rate will improve. Your body will start burning more fat. This will make sure not a lot of food is turned into fat. Your appetite and hunger mechanism will also improve, and you’ll not have any emotional eating cravings. Another major benefit of completing the Clean Start Weight Loss program is that your metabolic rate will be set to a normal level. This will allow you to eat more healthy food without worrying about gaining any weight. Until now, over 30,000 people have received numerous benefits from this program. It is high time you also join this effective and safe weight loss program. Unlike other weight loss programs, our program does not require you to feel hungry throughout the day. It focuses on utilizing the numerous benefits of HCG, along with a healthy diet to enjoy long lasting results. When you complete this program, you will be able to choose from many different healthy food choices. Thus, you won’t have to starve yourself. In simple terms, you’ll have a fresh, clean start.