15 August 2022

how to get the legs of your dreams

Why are the feet such a problem area? "Orange peel", "breeches", "ear", looseness, stretch marks - probably there is not a single woman in the world who would be indifferent to these manifestations of excess weight on her body. Stress, a passive lifestyle, and a lack of free time often exacerbate existing problems. Imperfect legs become the reason for many complexes and rejection of short dresses, swimsuits, and tight-fitting clothes. Each person has his constitution, figure, and, body structure. Diets, a healthy and active lifestyle, physical exercises, and other tricks do not always help to change natural data. It is especially difficult to achieve the desired result in the so-called "problem areas" - the inner and outer surfaces of the thighs. The slightest relaxation of the regime and hormonal failures are instantly manifested by extra centimeters and deterioration of the skin in these areas. As a rule, it is quite difficult to get rid of such unpleasant consequences - there are practically no effective exercises for these areas, and diets do not help at all. With age, fat begins to be deposited on the calves as well - and here, active training, on the contrary, can harm and aggravate the problem. You can achieve the desired effect even in the most "problematic" places and become the owner of toned slender legs with the help of modern methods of cosmetology and plastic surgery.

Methods of plastic surgery

Modern plastic surgery makes it possible to achieve significant results even in cases where other methods are powerless. In the struggle for the beauty and slenderness of the legs, liposuction will help to achieve a high-quality and noticeable result in just one procedure. If the patient responsibly approaches the postoperative period and follows the doctor's recommendations, the obtained result will last for a long time, if not forever. What liposuction methods will create perfect legs? Cropped shot of a young woman caressing her legs

Non-surgical liposuction

Non-surgical liposuction is the best solution for those who want to get rid of unnecessary fat deposits, without surgery, incisions, and a long rehabilitation process. A visually noticeable effect of weight loss is achieved with the help of a special cold laser. This device safely and painlessly breaks down fat deposits under the skin, after which they leave the body naturally. This technique will be useful when:
  • There are excess fat deposits in problem areas
  • It is necessary to get rid of cellulite effectively and for a long time
  • There are lipomas in the leg area
  • Traditional methods of losing weight and plastic surgery do not help to achieve the desired result
No special training is required for this procedure. One session lasts approximately 40 minutes. During this time, one to several centimeters of subcutaneous fat can be removed without damage and visible marks on the skin. This type of liposuction does not require a stay in a hospital - immediately after the procedure, the patient can leave the clinic. Externally, the result does not appear immediately, but only after the split tissues leave the body.

Liposuction using surgical techniques

Traditional liposuction creates a visible result immediately after the procedure. Already in one session, you can effectively and visually visibly get rid of fat deposits in the area of ​​the lower legs, "breeches", calf muscles, and on the inner surface of the thigh. And proper nutrition and regular physical activity will fix the obtained effect for a long time. The procedure is conditionally divided into two stages:
  1. Preparatory: preliminary consultation and initial examination of the patient, after which the date of the manipulation is set.
  2. Liposuction directly. This is an operation performed under general anesthesia. After the patient is asleep, the surgeon makes a small incision through which fat deposits are cut. In this way, a visually noticeable result of the procedure is achieved. When the excess fat is removed, the doctor sews up the wound with a cosmetic suture - the site of the operation will be almost impossible to find with the naked eye.
Unlike laser liposuction, after the surgical procedure, the patient does not leave the clinic but is observed for some time in the hospital. After the operation, the patient is forced to wear compression underwear - this is necessary so that the wound heals safely and painlessly, and the visual effect is of the highest quality.

Cosmetology techniques

You can get rid of excess fat and achieve the desired shape of your legs with the help of several cosmetology techniques. They are used both as independent procedures and as part of a complex weight loss process - in this case, you can get a good result in a relatively short time.

LPG massage

LPG-, or lipo massage, is a procedure during which there is a targeted effect on fat at different subcutaneous depths. The procedure is performed using a special roller-vacuum device. With its help, you can effectively stimulate the splitting of fat deposits even in deep layers, getting rid of several centimeters in one session. After a certain time after the procedure, the tissues painlessly leave the body naturally. It is worth paying attention to the lipo massage procedure if:
  • A visual deterioration of the quality of the skin is observed
  • The skin has become less elastic
  • There are unwanted stretch marks associated with sudden weight gain or loss
To achieve the maximum effect, it is recommended to complete a course of 15-20 procedures of 35 minutes each.

Anti-cellulite massage

"Orange peel" is a problem that does not depend on the overall weight or condition of the legs: it affects both thin and curvaceous women alike. Anti-cellulite massage allows you to get rid of excess fat deposits in any part of the body, and improve blood circulation, appearance, and quality of the skin, without resorting to surgical intervention. A qualitative effect is achieved after a course of 10-15 sessions, each of which takes from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the individual case. To consolidate the result, it is recommended to repeat the course approximately once every six months.

General methods

General methods of losing weight also allow you to build a beautiful, toned body and achieve the effect of slender legs. To achieve a good result, you need to make a lot of effort and have a great desire, but as a result - a beautiful figure attracts attention. A strict diet and various physical exercises require regularity, strong motivation, and will, but will allow you to achieve and maintain ideal body parameters. Common weight loss methods include:
  • Food control. Nutritionists recommend a careful approach to the diet: exclude starch and fast carbohydrates, add more vegetables, fruits, and fiber, and divide meals into 5-6 portions of 200-250 grams. You should not immediately switch to a strict diet - this is a great stress for the body, which will allow you to achieve short-term results. For a qualitative effect, it is more important to build a balanced diet and develop correct eating habits
  • Restoring the water balance. The norm of water for each person is different. It can be calculated using the formula: 30 milliliters per 1 kilogram of weight. This formula applies only to pure water consumed during the day and does not take into account tea, coffee and juices. This amount of pure water will accelerate the metabolism and speed up the fat-burning process
  • Physical activity. A competent combination of exercises, with due diligence, will allow you to "pump" the muscles of problem areas and achieve ideal relief
  • Mode of the day. Falling asleep late, getting up early and chronic lack of sleep create stress for the body and provoke the production of cortisol, a hormone that prevents weight loss