Focus Botox: This is how we Fights Wrinkles

Posted on: June 19, 2022

Sooner or later anyone will notice the signs of aging on their face, and thousands of people around the world are looking for solutions to hide these aesthetic imperfections.

To combat wrinkles, Botox is one of the most used treatments, and it is perfect for restoring a young and sensual image to your face.

But how does Botox work and what benefits can it give to those who use it?

How does the Botox treatment work?

It should be specified that if you use Botox to fight wrinkles you need to start a real treatment, in fact, only thanks to prolonged therapy and several injections will it be possible to be able to counteract the natural effect of wrinkles on the face.

Of course, to undergo such a treatment you must rely only on experts in the sector, as the Botox must only be used by qualified personnel because its use is extremely delicate.

Botox is in effect a toxin and its purpose is to block some muscles of the face. Going into more detail, the blocked muscles are the frontal ones, those called corrugators and the orbicularis muscle of the eye, so that these parts of the face are no longer able to contract so that the formation of wrinkles is reduced or even eliminated.

Aged Skin Care. Creative collage of beautiful mature woman's portrait with zoomed wrinkles zones over light background

Not only that, but the Botox also allows you to eliminate the annoying ” Crow’s Feet”, that is to say, that imperfection that occurs near the eyes. The treatment, as already mentioned, involves several injections to be done in specific areas of the face. Also for this reason it is essential that the processing is carried out by competent people.

When is it possible to notice the results obtained thanks to Botox?

At this point, someone might wonder when it is possible to notice the rejuvenating effects that can be obtained thanks to treatment with Botox. Well, the effects can be noticed after only a few days: looking in the mirror it will be possible to admire your face in dazzling form, without any imperfections.

At the same time, others will also be able to admire your face and be amazed.

Among other things, it should be specified that the treatment with Botox is reversible, it can be repeated several times and if performed correctly it is harmless.

Botox: are there any contraindications?

When we talk about the treatment with Botox, for the sake of completeness, it is also necessary to mention what may be the probable side effects.

Usually, these effects are not noticed but can occur in rare cases. Side effects include swelling or redness, and tingling sensation, and in severe cases, it can lead to facial paresis. However, we are talking about borderline cases, but if we rely on a qualified clinic, such as Atlanta Liposuction Specialty Clinic, which has been dealing with surgery and aesthetic medicine for 20 years, these effects will not manifest themselves.