14 April 2022

Filler and Hands for a Fast Rejuvenation!

Not only the beauty routine for manicure, but also treatment of imperfections characterized by dry, poorly toned and aging skin, seems to be increasingly popular among patients' requests. In fact, to combat the imperfections of the hands, the effect of passing time (chrono-aging) with loss of tone and accentuation of veins and tendons, or of photo-aging (appearance of dark spots), surgery is not necessary, but it can aesthetic medicine treatment is also sufficient. It is the filler, one of the most practiced aesthetic medicine solutions. The filler with its filling action improves the appearance of the skin, giving greater hydration to the tissues. As we know, hyaluronic acid is the one used on a large scale for infiltrations, although in recent years there has also been room for the practice of treatment using calcium hydroxyapatite, a mineral already naturally present in our body (bones and teeth), which involves a different infiltration than hyaluronic acid but which, despite this, is considered scientifically safe. The treatment of the hand filler can be performed in the clinic for a duration of about 30 minutes. The result has a variable duration between 6 and 8 months, and it is really fast: it is possible, in fact, to find the benefits of the treatment immediately. At the end of the same, a slight swelling of the affected areas is accompanied, but this is a consequence considered absolutely normal.