7 April 2022

Cosmetic Surgery Beyond Gender

More and more people are looking for changes that allow their physical appearance to authentically match their identities In the US, gender-neutral plastic surgeries are becoming more and more popular: more and more patients are moving away from traditional male and female "role models" and moving towards a more androgynous appearance. Women require sharper jaws and straight noses, which convey an image of strength and confidence, while men seek full lips and prefer cheekbone surgeries, which are generally considered more feminine procedures. Influencers and celebrities like Zendaya , who is a woman with a sharp and defined chin, self-confident, or Ansel Elgort , who has plump lips but is considered a sex symbol, influence this new trend in stars and stripes cosmetic surgery. A mix of soft feminine features and more strong masculine features is considered attractive and exotic, while allowing you to play with your feminine and masculine sides in both beauty and fashion. Additionally, social media, especially Instagram, offer instant facial reviews with softer lines and effects like blur and are leading people into a new era of beauty ideals. The big cosmetics brands are also helping to build this new culture: they are abandoning archaic stereotypes of sexual identity and presenting genderless storytelling, through their branding and marketing campaigns.