3 April 2022


The new phenomenon of Plastic Surgery is inspired by celebrities who get back into shape in a very short time after giving birth and "pushes" the tummy tuck with a growth of over 30%. Young women become mothers more and more lately, with the risk of recovering the old physical form with great difficulty. And so, especially after the age of 40 , many ask for help with cosmetic surgery . Critical points include the navel, the lower back and the inside of the knees. These are the most requested aesthetic touches. But in some cases also arms and breasts. Angelina Jolie, Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba, Victoria Beckham, Kourtney Kardashian. Celebrities get back in shape, as if by magic, immediately after giving birth and in a very short time. The photos show them at the exit from the hospital with the same pre-pregnancy leggings or on a Caribbean beach with mini bikinis worn on a sculpted body one month after birth. For many "ordinary" women, getting back into shape after childbirth is not the first thought at such a special moment in their lives but, after a few months, stretch marks and abdominal diastasis can become a problem so much that women turn to Aesthetic Surgery .  When you pass a certain age , the fundamental problem is that of collapsing tissues . You can also put on a few pounds. The requests for intervention are concentrated above all on the B side, on the navel, which dilates a lot after pregnancy, and on the inside of the knees. Some women also ask for surgery on the arms, which tend to get bigger with pregnancy. The request to have the breast, on the other hand, is postponed because the intervention is more complex to reshape that of new mothers a little older with age. The important thing is to suck up less than one and a half kilograms of fat. To do this, one of the latest innovations in the field of cosmetic surgery is needed: laser assisted liposuction . It is a safe and specific remodeling and innovative technique in removing the accumulation of fat. Dressings have also improved: the new compression sleeves deliver anti-inflammatory drugs. Furthermore, the innovative effect of this technique is that of 'skin sticking', because the thermal action of the laser beam promotes the stimulation of  collagen , favoring a real lifting effect. Even new mothers who are no longer very young, therefore, will be able to recover their ideal weight with the help of the surgeon and with a correct lifestyle.