8 October 2022

Cellulite as an aesthetic problem

Cellulite is an aesthetic problem, which affects approximately 90% of women worldwide. Men rarely have a cellulite problem (this is due to hormonal factors). In people who have this aesthetic problem, the skin presents the so-called "orange peel" appearance, that is, it presents bumps, which are followed by indentations and which can be of a light form, to quite intense. Unfortunately, while there are treatments that can help some people, one cannot say that there is one method that will help all people, on the one hand, but above all that will have a lasting effect. In other words, in all methods for the correction of cellulite, some people benefit and some do not. The"orange peel" appearance is due to the following:
  • The superficial fat is divided into compartments by some fibers that start from the skin and end in the muscles or fascia. These fibers tend to remain firm because they have no elasticity and therefore hold the skin in places where they are, while the fat between them tends to push the skin outwards, creating protrusions. Therefore, we have indentations of the skin where the fibers are and hold it firm, and bulges where the fat is, which bulges outwards.
  • The causes that create cellulite are usually many, such as e.g. hormones, diet, lack of exercise, hheredity andmuch more. This is also the reason why its treatment is difficult, because, in addition to the organic factors, one should also change one 's lifestyle. Even this would not be a guarantee of correcting cellulite.
  • The mechanism that primarily creates cellulite is the insufficient perfusion of the superficial layer of fat, which creates swelling between the fat cells. Sometimes the sagging of the skin alone creates a false image of cellulite, which is called pseudocellulitis. It is important to distinguish these special cases because otherwise any treatment to correct cellulite will fail. Of course, something like this can only be diagnosed by a doctor with experience in the field.
The formation of cellulite. Cellulite occurs in most females and rarely in males. Vector diagram.



This is the most well-known device in the world for the correction of cellulite. What comes into contact with the body is a head, which has some special rollers. The skin is pulled and penetrates between the two heads and in this way the rollers perform a special massage , a kind of "shaping" of its tissues. In this way, the swelling between the fat cells is drained and circulation is improved. The fibers that fix the skin are also elasticized. It usually takes more than fifteen sessions for the interested person to see a remarkable result, which should be done two or three times a week. When you reach the desired result, you should follow a maintenance by doing this procedure twice a month. During the application of the treatment, the woman wears a "bodysuit" so that the head does not come into direct contact with the skin. As a sensation it is pleasant, because it is the sensation of massage. The advantage, in relation to the classic massage, is that the intensities are predetermined and fixed, so that excessive pressure is not exerted on some points. Any excessive pressure can create negative results. The time of each session is from 30 to 45 minutes. LPG Endermologie originated in France, early 80s and has reached, with some improvements, until today. It is the only machine that was approved in 1996 by the US FDA for the correction of cellulite. It is recommended to drink plenty of water and walk during the series of treatments. It is not effective for everyone, but it gives a good result to the majority of people who do it.


This is the injection of substances, with very fine needles, under the skin, in the area of ​​cellulite. Injections are made in several places. The substances are usually activators of the metabolism and caffeine . One cannot say that the procedure is particularly painful, but some report feeling a small degree of discomfort. Treatments are usually done weekly or every fortnight. It usually takes more than ten treatments to see a noticeable result . And this process does not have permanent results but needs some maintenance to maintainover time. During the treatment, some small bruises may appear on the skin, due to the rupture of some very small vessels. But these are absorbed by the body very quickly.


And this method aims to reduce the swelling between the fat cells in the superficial layer of fat. It is only effective if it is done by a person who knows this type of treatment very well. The pressure applied should be specific otherwise one may get a bad result. If you are not sure that the person you are addressing is a good connoisseur of the subject, prefer the LPG Endermologie , where the degree of pressure is regulated and precise, rather than the machine itself.


This procedure is performed with very fine cannulas, just under the skin, as part of liposuction, to correct local thickness. While local fat refers to the deeper layers of fat, cellulite is due to the superficial layer of fat, which can also be aspirated. Superficial liposuction creates a healing process just under the skin, which results in the creation of fibrous tissue, which, by shrinking, creates a tightening in the skin. It is very important that the plastic surgeon , who performs this procedure, has a lot of experience on the subject, otherwise it can cause opposite results. As with any medical procedure, no guarantees can be given to all individuals who will apply the superficial liposuction procedure, for the final image. But it must be pointed out that for those women, in whom it will have an effect, this will last for many years. Rear view of a middle aged dark-haired curly woman with skin and body flaws wearing beige lingerie, sitting against beige background with copy space for advertisement. Body positivity


Although relatively new as a method, there have been studies that give very encouraging results for the correction of cellulite with laser liposuction. During this procedure, a very thin optical fiber is inserted under the skin and melts the surface fat. The fat is allowed to be absorbed by the body or is suctioned with a very fine liposuction cannula. In addition to the above methods, many others have been suggested from time to time, such as treatment with creams, with pills, with various other types of machines. All these treatments have not given any significant result, at least so far. Many of these methods, which have been proposed, have a very temporary effect , of the order of a few days. Any person who wants to enter a procedure to correct their cellulite should know that there are no miracle solutions, but with patience and knowledge they can achieve a satisfactory result.