28 March 2022

Can fat get hard?

Much is said in blogs or in false fitness articles about the role that fat acquires when exercising and that for many the subject of fat is still a myth, what is a reality is that NO, fat does not harden . Among the many reasons that are often heard to tell us that fat hardens, there is exercising with machines, weights, sit-ups or drinking a lot of cold water. Many people even recommend doing cardio to lose fat and after losing it, start doing weights because of what On the contrary, the fat becomes hard and it will cost much more to eliminate it, in a totally false argument. What we know as doing 'weights', which is nothing more than the use of machines, bars and dumbbells, contributes to the fat loss process because through this type of exercise muscles are worked with resistance that take on tone in a process in which the more Active your muscles are, the faster your metabolism will be. From the outset, muscles are metabolically active, that is, they eliminate energy even at rest in addition to burning fat through the mitochondria, which means that if your muscles work, fat melts more efficiently. Thus, weights speed up metabolism, that is why it is harder for your body to recover from a training session with weights or isotonic machines than from a cardio session, in a process that requires energy which results in a burning of energy-calories. And it is that the idea when losing fat is that at the same time you look good, toned, without flaccidity, so this type of routine will undoubtedly contribute to shaping your body and the muscles you need, it is even easier to start toning the muscles that They will be seen as long as you continue in a fat loss process than trying to 'lift' everything in cardio routines. An important fact is that if you do 'weights' and cardio at the same time, at the same time that you have a balanced diet, you may not notice the difference in kilos less but in your measurements, in how you look or simply in the change in your clothing. For example a muscle is like a kilo of lead and fat like a kilo of cotton, both weigh the same however muscle occupies less space than fat, that is why two people who weigh and measure the same can be different, so learn to read what the mirror and your pants say and not what your weight says. It should be noted that in the case of women, weights are not your enemy because if they follow a diet to lose fat and maintain it, they are not going to look like men, because the physiognomy of men is different, lose your fear of weights and combine exercises with cardio without fear of excessive muscle gain. Another important fact is that the abdominal exercises will not harden the fat in the abdomen, this type of exercise does not affect whether the fat in this area stays or not, the abdominal exercises work the muscles that are going to be seen once you eliminate the fat that covers them, so the main thing for an abdomen and the elimination of fat is food. As an extra, cold water does not harden fat or make you fat and even contributes to burning calories, since the body requires energy to heat it due to thermoregulation.