4 June 2022

Breast Reduction for Large Breasts

Heavy breasts can cause physical problems as well as considerable psychological discomfort; in such circumstances, breast volume reduction is strongly recommended. Many women decide to undergo breast reduction; it is a plastic surgery that allows not only to make the sagging breasts more proportionate and aesthetically beautiful but also to correct any asymmetry of the breasts.

Problems resulting from too large breasts

Breast hypertrophy and breast ptosis, technical terms that indicate very large and sagging breasts, respectively, can be a consequence of:
  • genetic factors
  • excessive weight gain
  • hormonal receptivity
Hypertrophy, in particular, can be mild, moderate, or severe depending on the volume of the breast that needs to be removed. Both hypertrophy and ptosis cause, as previously written, problems of a physical as well as psychological nature. Gigantomastia can lead to a sense of discomfort in sociability, as a result of the non-acceptance of one's physical appearance, with traumatic consequences also in the sexual sphere. Furthermore, one of the effects of hypertrophy is the assumption of a kyphotic attitude that aims to hide the excessive volume of the breasts. In addition to postural problems, there are also frequent causes of eczematous dermatitis in the mammary sulcus. Fat woman with very large breasts in blue underwear on pink background, body care concept, studio shot

Surgery to reduce breast size

Surgical treatment involves an initial incision that allows the removal of excess tissue and the achievement of the ideal breast volume. The remaining tissues serve to sculpt the breasts, to ensure their identical shape and size; the operation ends with the repositioning of the nipples to give the breasts a harmonious appearance. As for the scars, their extension depends on the necessary skin lifting; in any case, there will remain a circular one around the areola, a horizontal one under the sulcus of the breast, and a third vertical one from the areola up to the same sulcus. However, the surgeon cuts in such a way that the scars are hidden by the bathing suit and bra. Breast reduction, therefore, allows for a permanent resizing of the breast, and the increase in volume can only be found again in the event of pregnancy or weight gain.