12 April 2022

Best bra after Breast Augmentation

Most women are excited to shop for new bras after breast augmentation surgery. The new breasts after breast augmentation, fuller and more feminine, will need a new set of bras of all colors and materials. In this short article, let's see some basics for choosing the perfect bra after your breast augmentation. Before going out and purchasing a whole new selection of bras, however, it is important that patients know some information to facilitate their full recovery from breast augmentation surgery. In this short article, let's see some basics for choosing the perfect bra after your breast augmentation. Wear a surgical bra day and night for the first 3 months. The first few weeks after breast augmentation are an important phase for your full recovery and recovery. For this reason, it is essential that patients wear a bra that supports the breasts during the first twelve weeks of recovery, preventing the implants from dropping down or moving to the sides. Although this complication is not as common, some patients develop weaker scar tissue than others, providing poor lower and lateral support for the prosthesis that could move freely. Unfortunately, plastic surgeons are not able to determine a priori who is at risk for this problem but they can only know when the implant has already been moved downwards or towards the more lateral region. Wearing a bra helps provide additional support during the healing process and can many times prevent the risk of prosthesis malpositioning in the months following surgery. Additionally, some patients may receive extra support from a bandage wrapped around the chest at the top of the breast. This bandage should be worn for the first 2-4 weeks in patients who appear to have too much implant placement on the chest.

Avoid wearing an underwire bra for the first three months

Underwire bras can cause unnecessary complications and should be avoided for at least the first three months after surgery. These complications include irritation caused by rubbing the hardest part against the skin, among other things (which you may not notice due to possible numbness). Patients who have undergone breast augmentation via an infra-mammary incision should be especially careful as an underwire bra can move implants if worn too often or too soon. In fact, the underwire often has an improper shape and provides inadequate support to the breast implant which can move to non-ideal positions.

Continue to use a post-operative bra when exercising

Light physical activity can be resumed about a month after breast augmentation. However, exercises that activate the contraction of the pectoral muscle cannot be performed. These can be taken over from 3 months onwards. As mentioned, the surgical bra supports the breast and the prosthesis in the first few months, when a periprosthetic capsule is not yet present. For this reason, in exercises that require the bouncing (rebound) of the prostheses, from running or hopping, it is always better to be equipped with a post-operative bra for the first 3 months in order not to risk that the pocket that houses the prosthesis widens and therefore the prosthesis. itself moves.

What bra to buy after breast augmentation

Once the time has come to buy new bras, patients will have much more choice in the model and style of the bra which of course will be of a different size and cup than before the breast augmentation. However, many bras may not fit comfortably after surgery due to changes in shape due to the insertion of breast implants. On the other hand, many styles of bras that didn't fit you before may now look great to you as the shape and size of your breasts have changed. When choosing a bra, women should keep a few key tips in mind:
  • a band to close the bra that goes up in the back is a sign of a poor fit. The bra band should remain level with the front. If not, your chosen bra may be tight.
  • it is not always necessary to shorten the bra straps to lift the breasts. If so, a smaller size may offer a better fit.
  • any excess space between the nipple and the bra cup is a sign of an incorrect fit. Choose a bra that is smaller but fits comfortably.
The ideal bra after breast augmentation should therefore be neither too tight nor too loose in order to avoid displacement of the implants. Find the model that fits you most comfortable and aesthetically best, try it, get used to it and… buy it! It will definitely not be the last bra you will buy after having breast augmentation.

What is the best way to sleep after breast augmentation?

If you are considering having breast augmentation , you will probably have many questions before undergoing the surgery. Some of the most common questions among patients relate to the recovery process. In particular, many women are wondering how to sleep after surgery without running into problems. After breast augmentation with implants, it is absolutely normal to feel fatigued for a few days. This is because your body is working overtime to heal the tissues that were manipulated during the operation. Being able to sleep regularly allows the body to focus solely on recovery. In fact, during sleep, blood flow containing vital oxygen and nutrients is directed to the surgical area, helping the body's tissues to heal faster. Here are some tips that can help you sleep safely and without damaging your new breasts.


Plastic surgeons recommend sleeping on your back for the first few weeks after surgery to avoid putting pressure on the breast implant pockets and avoid changing the position of the breast implants. We also recommend that you keep your upper body elevated while you sleep as this simple step will reduce swelling to help your new breasts heal faster. Positioning like this also helps mobility in the first few days after surgery, as getting out of bed from a fully reclined position requires more upper body strength and this could cause discomfort or even pain. During the recovery phase, you will therefore put less force on the muscles of the arms, shoulders and chest if you are already in a semi-vertical position when you have to move. When the swelling and bruising begin to subside and you can start sleeping completely on your back if this is your favorite position. In the early days it is not recommended to sleep in other positions than the supine one as, especially in the case of anatomical prostheses, there can be a fairly common complication: rotation. Excessive and prolonged pressure of the prosthesis before the natural periprosthetic capsule has formed can lead to an enlargement of the tissue pocket and therefore allow the prosthesis to move freely by changing its position. In many cases this eventuality means having to undergo revision surgery to put the prosthesis back in its ideal position. It is therefore easy to understand that sleeping properly can avoid many problems not only in the short but also in the long term.


Many of us like to relax by sleeping on our side at night. However, in the weeks following breast augmentation, this should be avoided as much as possible. The internal sutures used to close the incision for breast augmentation are very strong, as are the breast implants that would withstand pressures much higher than those of the body. It is therefore not likely that you will harm the result by accidentally rolling, but it is likely that you may feel discomfort or even pain if you hold this position for too long. We recommend buying a soft and supportive surgical bra to be placed on the day of surgery and which will protect your breasts from excessive pressure. Additionally, some stiff pillows placed along the body can help you stay positioned on your back with your arms comfortably cushioned throughout your sleep. Once you get the green light from your plastic surgeon, you should be able to resume normal sleeping positions by wearing a support bra. Plus, after three months, you can expect to sleep however you like. However, you may find it uncomfortable to sleep completely on your stomach after breast augmentation.


Here are some tips to help you feel comfortable resting on your back after surgery:
  • Use pillows to keep your upper body upright
  • Use a pillow under each arm to keep yourself from rolling over while you sleep
  • An extra pillow under the knees can relieve tension in the lower back
  • Have everything you need close at hand: water, medicine, and snacks
  • Allow the body to relax by avoiding alcohol, caffeine and sugar
  • Take a hot shower to relax or read a book rather than looking at a bright screen
If you would like more advice for breast augmentation,we will be happy to speak with you. Expert in Cosmetic Surgery, our main goal is to help each patient achieve natural results for your breast augmentation.