24 February 2022

Belly Correction: 4 Reasons to Decide

Correction of the abdomen or abdominoplasty involves the removal of excess skin, which has formed, for example, as a result of rapid weight loss due to the low elasticity of the skin and its inability to return to its former shape. In addition to excision of the skin, the correction of the abdomen involves the elimination of subcutaneous layers of fat, that is, it involves getting rid of not only the external problem of the abdominal cavity, but also the internal one. Correction of the abdomen - depending on the patient's condition and the extent of the defect - can be of varying complexity. A complex abdominoplasty involves an incision in the lower abdomen, joining the rectus muscles, and removing excess body fat. A simple tummy tuck is called a mini tummy tuck. It happens without a complex connection of the rectus muscles, you can do with a simple excision of excess fat and the application of a special seam. In our practice, patients who come for a consultation on abdominoplasty, depending on the type of problem and its cause, are divided into 4 types.
  1. Patients with a skin-fat apron in the abdomen. A distinctive feature of this type of defect is the excess amount of subcutaneous fat in this area. In this type of patient, subcutaneous fat increases to such an extent that it forms a type-specific "bag" hanging over the pelvic area. Sometimes the defect is so pronounced that patients require urgent surgery - correction of the abdomen.
  2. Patients with severe postoperative scars. Correction of the abdomen is designed to eliminate scars left after previous surgical interventions.
  3. Patients with excess skin in the abdomen due to rapid weight loss. The desire to quickly lose weight often leads to the fact that the skin does not keep up with the rate of change in body shape. In such patients, fat deposits in the abdominal wall are either minimal or completely absent, and the skin in the same area becomes flabby and sagging. Correction of the abdomen can effectively solve this problem.
  4. Patients with postpartum stretch marks and skin laxity due to decreased skin elasticity after pregnancy. Correction of the abdomen perfectly copes with postpartum changes in the female figure.
Many people who are far from plastic surgery ask the question: “Do I need a correction of the abdomen / chest / face at all? After all, complexes related to appearance often come from the head. There is some truth in that reasoning. Unfortunately, life is not so simple. You can spend a lot of mental strength and convince yourself of the possibility of accepting your body as it is, you can hide the body under clothes that hide the flaw. But one careless mockery, a curious look on the beach or a caustic remark from the outside can shake even the most persistent belief that you can live with any defects in appearance and feel great. Unfortunately, sports and proper nutrition today cannot cope with excess skin formed as a result of losing weight in a short period of time, with postoperative scars, with a fatty “apron”. The tummy tuck is designed to complement what you have achieved by exercising regularly in the gym and controlling your nutrition. On the other hand, it is a mistake to believe that abdominoplasty will relieve you of excess weight and become a substitute for physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. Sports, healthy eating and plastic surgery if necessary - three complementary elements on the path to beauty and self-confidence!