4 May 2022

Be ready in 5 minutes Every Day

There is no wardrobe and make-up that can compensate for well-groomed and healthy skin and hair. All patients in Atlanta Liposuction Specialty Clinic have a common password - CARE COMES FIRST! That is why today we highlight three key tips that will help you be beautiful and well-groomed every day in just 5 minutes .

Clean facial skin is half the battle

Acne, redness, enlarged pores or some other irregularity on the face are usually immediately noticeable and these are the problems that bother us the most. But, when our facial skin is clean and well-groomed, the feeling is completely different and 5 minutes are enough for us to be ready to leave the house. Our clinic offers a wide range of treatments which, according to the indications, achieve top results. However, the real star of our derma team is the HARMONY XL PRO special edition, a platform that is indicated for solving over 65 different aesthetic and health conditions. Among other things, HARMONY XL PRO is ideal for solving the following problems:
  • Acne and acne scars
  • Red and roses
  • Pigmentations
  • Capillary Stretch
  • Wrinkle
  • Bad skin textures
A portrait of a young woman after washing her hair, with a towel wrapped over her head.

Laser hair removal solves the problems of stubborn hair on the face and body

Every woman knows how much time she lost by removing unwanted hair with a razor or wax. When we add cuts, irritations and ingrown hairs, then it is certain that laser hair removal is a victory in several fields, and most of all in the field of saving time. After the first epilation treatment, shaving the hair is thinned 1 to 3 times a month, and after the sixth epilation treatment you will not need a razor and you will always be ready to go. Read more about laser hair removal at this link . young slender woman get hair removal procedure on legs. beauty cosmetic procedures in salon. beautiful woman has prefect smooth and soft skin on legs

Healthy hair guarantees a well-groomed look

Hair has always been a symbol of femininity and women have found different ways over the centuries to make their hair look its best. In addition to conventional methods and classic hair care, PRP and MESOTHERAPY hair give fantastic results: ✔ Strengthen hair root ✔ Renew hair follicle ✔ Hydrate hair and hair ✔ Reduce hair loss ✔ Strengthen hair shine ✔ Regulate dandruff and seborrhea The effects first include slowing and stopping the decline for a few weeks from the first procedure, then recovery and new growth in the months that follow, with the procedure repeated. When you have healthy and well-groomed hair, you can style it in a few minutes and be ready for work or going out. Let us take care of your good looks while saving you time. Make an appointment by calling 770-545-6985.