Asymmetrical Breasts

Posted on: July 8, 2022

Asymmetrical breasts: is there to worry? Let’s find out more

An asymmetrical breast is very common in women: the asymmetry between the right side and the left side of the body, on the contrary, is a rather widespread phenomenon that shouldn’t worry you at all.

If even the difference in size or shape of the two breasts were quite relevant it is possible to resort to an intervention that we can define halfway between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery and with which it is possible to correct asymmetrical breasts, by resorting to techniques that come from both sectors.

What is asymmetry?

Several types of asymmetry can affect the female breast. The first, and perhaps the most obvious, concerns size; but there are also differences in shape or even position (when one of the two breasts is more toned and tall than the other). The asymmetry, however, can also affect only the areolas or the nipples: also in this case, what is observed is a difference in shape and size, or even in orientation.

Causes of asymmetrical breasts

The causes of breast asymmetry are different: the factors that determine it can be congenital or mechanical, sometimes surgical (as in the case of removals due to the removal of breast tumors). In some cases, then, the asymmetry can be a consequence of particular events linked to trauma localized in the breast area. A certain influence can also be attributed to a different response to estrogen, while practical aspects related to breastfeeding or aging should not be underestimated, as well as weight gain which are capable of increasing the difference between the two breasts.

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The importance of experience

In any case, for women who have differences between the two breasts such as to be experienced discomfort, it is essential to contact a specialist for a careful examination of the situation that allows them to better address the problem by identifying the best solution to guarantee a result that remains constant over time.

You can choose to operate on one breast only or both and you may have to resort to different surgical techniques in combination; for this reason, it is important that the doctor has experience both in the field of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, to establish already during the preliminary visit which procedures to use, evaluating together with the patient not only the expectations but also the prospects for more lasting results.

Possibility of surgery for asymmetrical breasts

The surgeon’s evaluation is, therefore, necessary to choose the best course othe f intervention, since a standard cannot be defined; the options in the field are different and vary from case to case: you can reduce or increase the volume, or lower or raise the mammary sulcus, how to reduce or change the shape of the areola.

The intervention in the simplest cases (those in which, for example, there is simply one breast larger than the other) will involve a reduction in volume through a unilateral reduction mammoplasty. If you choose to intervene by increasing the smaller breast, however, the therapeutic strategy could become complicated: the surgeon must avoid that the two breasts are different. For this reason, when a medium-grade augmentation is desired, correction with augmentation prostheses or mastopexy even on the side not to be operated on can be evaluated.

If the increases are smaller, however, the best strategy to consider is that of lipofilling, which does not involve prostheses, but injections of fat and guarantees a firmer breast, without scars or foreign bodies.