15 October 2022

Arm Lift

Arm lift or brachioplasty is the surgery that aims to improve the appearance of the arm area. Sagging skin on the arms is a problem that mainly concerns women. It usually appears during the fourth decade, as a consequence of the natural deterioration of the organism. But it is also possible to appear at younger ages after a lot of weight loss.

Who is the arm lift for?

Arm lift is aimed at women who show excessive sagging in the arms, to such an extent that it has a negative effect on their psychology and acts as a limitation in terms of their appearance options.

What can the candidate achieve after the arm lift?

After arm lift surgery:
  • the extra skin that has caused the sagging disappears
  • excess fat is minimized
  • the appearance of the area is spectacularly improved, thus boosting the woman's self-confidence

Arm lift : Comparison of methods

In the past, the plastic surgeon, during arm lift, made an incision on the inner side of the arm that started at the height of the armpit and ended at the elbow. Through it, he removed the excess fat and skin that accumulated in the area. Today, in the majority of cases, a new technique is applied in which the removal of excess skin is combined with liposuction. Its great advantage is that the incision that is made is much smaller, it concerns only the armpit area and is not visible. In patients with prominent skin laxity even near the elbow area, we necessarily still use the large incision technique, always together with PAL liposuction to achieve better results. Beautiful young woman doing exercises at home. Fitness, healthy lifestyle, sport concept

Arm lift : What is the procedure?

Initially, PAL liposuction is applied to remove as much fat as possible and reduce the volume of the arms. Then an incision is made in the armpit area and the excess skin is removed so that the arm gets the desired shape.

Arm lift: What kind of anesthesia is used and how long is the operation?

Arm lift does not require general anesthesia. The operation is performed with a combination of local anesthesia and intoxication and its duration is about two hours.

After the arm lift will the patient have to stay in the hospital?

Once she recovers from the intoxication, approximately two hours after the operation, the patient is able to return home.

Does arm lift help you get leaner arms?

Arm lift is a procedure performed to improve skin laxity. If someone wants to lose weight, local fat should be removed with the PAL liposuction method. This particular method brings improvement and moderate relaxation. Depending on the extent of the problem, the plastic surgeon will use one or the other method or a combination of them to achieve an impeccable result. Shot of a group of young women meditating in a yoga class

Arm lift : How long do the results last?

The results of the operation are permanent, as long as there are no major changes in your body weight.

Can complications arise during arm lift?

In this specific operation, complications are extremely rare. However, it is possible to experience some side effects such as the incision being slow to heal or localized inflammation occurring in part of the post-operative scar.

Is the arm lift painful?

Arm lift is not a painful procedure. The patient will not feel pain postoperatively, all she will feel is a slight pulling. There is also a possibility of swelling in the area, but this will subside in a few days.

Are there specific rules that the patient must follow after the arm lift?

The next day he will have to come back to the hospital to have the drains removed. All the patient will have to do is follow the doctor's instructions about cleaning the wound and wear a special bandage for the next month.

After the arm lift will the patient take a long time to return to her daily activities?

Recovery time varies from patient to patient. In the first days the person should be careful in his movements. After one week he will be able to return to work. It would be best to avoid heavy lifting for 15 to 20 days and vigorous exercise for a month.