Dr. Cole’s BBL Survival Kit

BBL Post-Op Recovery Kit

We are excited to introduce Dr. Cole’s BBL Survival Kit. This bbl care package contains all the essentials you will need after your Brazilian Butt Lift surgery!

BBL Survival Kit

  • Booty Buddy Brazilian Butt Lift Pillow (1)
    The Booty Buddy seat cushion works by supporting your thighs which enables your butt to hang free when seated with no pressure added. This super strong flocked cushion not only soft, but firm enough to give you the support you need to help you keep off your butt. The bbl pillow is engineered for long stretches of sitting down. That means for work, rides, or just binging some of your favorite shows on the TV.
  • Shower Curtain (1)
    A shower curtain is needed for an extra level of protection for your bed mattress
  • Arnica Cream (1)
    Relieve post-procedure pain, bruise discoloration and swelling
  • Hand Sanitizer (1)
    Used to stay sterile
  • Gauze Pads (1)
    To cover the addits
  • Large Bed Pads (15 Pads)
    The large bed pads can be used after your surgery to absorb any fluids to provide protection against bed wetting.
  • Exam Gloves: (10 gloves)
    Disposable exam gloves are a great barrier protection against infection and contamination
  • Wet wipes (20 wipes)
  • Toothbrush Travel Kit (1)
  • Laxative Suppositories (1)
    Many times prescribed and over-the-counter pain medicines can cause constipation. Laxative Suppositories are used to relieve constipation
  • Surgical Tape (1)
    Surgical tape will be helpful to properly secure the pads on the addits
  • Hand Towels (4)
    Four super soft hand towels that can be used for hygiene and to clean away the Dr.’s markings
  • Alcohol Swabs (10 swabs)
    Used to keep everything sterile
  • Pill Organizer (1)
    A pill organizer for storing scheduled doses of one’s medications before and after surgery.
  • Maxi Pads (1)
    Disposable pads of absorbent material worn on the surgical addits to absorb drainage from surgical wounds
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (1)
  • Female Urinal (1)
    The Female Urinal is an essential necessity for anyone who has had a BBL because it will allow urination without ever having to sit down

The bbl essentials kit costs is $225.

If you don’t want the Booty Pillow but still want the kit, the cost is $120.

Benefits of the BBL Post OP Care Kit – Liposuction Atlanta

Reduce Pressure, Preserve Your Procedure

Get The Ability To Travel & Sit: Our pillow works everywhere. Now you can feel free to sit again! All without causing any harm to your buttocks after a Brazilian butt lift surgery. This bbl pillow enables proper blood flow, while shifting pressure to the lower thighs. All this ensures that healing occurs without issue.

If you’d like your own kit, give us a call (770) 416-0000.